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Security and compliance: it is possible to have both

The competitiveness of the banking and financial sectors is played out on the trade-off between regulatory compliance (AML, Adequate Verification, KyC), fraud prevention, data security, and the growing expectations of corporate and retail customers. 

Adopting digital onboarding tools (with biometric recognition or authentication with SPID/CIE) and electronic signatures to sign contracts remotely reduces customer acquisition time, boosts cross-selling activities and optimizes the work of your employees. 


Reduced customer acquisition time


Customers choose when to identify themselves in self-service

Digital benefits

Account opening live in a branch without printing and scanning 

Account creation and secure access with SPID/CIE 

Online account opening with SPID, CIE, CNS or biometric recognition 

Management and digital signature of internal documents and customer contracts 

Secure identification for AML, KyC, Adequate Verification purposes 

Onboarding and digital signature integration with APIs 

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Our solutions for your business


Our service enables fully digital management of customer acquisition flows, in compliance with AML, KyC and Adequate Verification standards. 

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Identity Verification

Identity proofing is an essential procedure in all contexts where it is necessary to ascertain the identity of the customer and the compliance of their documents. In particular, it is essential for adhering to anti-fraud regulations and ensuring the proper conduct of transactions. 

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Certified Delivery

Managing certified communication flows is a prerequisite for organizations that need to retain  evidence of document delivery and receipt and track the actions taken by message recipients. 

Success Stories

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Orange Bank needed a service for digitally notifying its customers of overdrafts, capable of certain proof of delivery. The average annual volume is about 800 thousand electronic messages. With Certified Delivery, the bank made instant notification, which used to take three days with traditional methods, reducing costs and strengthening the legal validity of the communication through proof of delivery of the message and its content. 

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Advanzia Bank, leading European digital bank specialising in credit cards and payment solutions, has simplified its consumer credit card onboarding process without compromising compliance. The integration of innovative Namirial Digital Trust Services not only streamline the experience for credit card customers, but also enhances operational efficiency for the bank itself. By using Namirial solutions, Advanzia Bank is addressing the increasing demand for speed, security and sustainability. 

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Mediobanca Premier has succeeded in expanding the methods of opening accounts online by combining compliance with the provisions on customer due diligence with the maximum legal validity of documents signed with FEQ (Qualified Electronic Signature), affixed in a simplified mode (without OTP).