Improve the cyper security of your company with Namirial Cyber Expert

Cyber Security Platform

An innovative GDPR-compliant platform that can conduct an assessment of an organization’s cyber threats through external analysis, without requiring any software to be installed.

Conducting cybersecurity analysis helps organizations measure the effectiveness of controls, identify cyber threats and vulnerabilities in technology areas. In addition, it serves to guide investment priorities to strengthen areas of weakness. Based on the results, in fact, companies can steer investments in the right direction and prevent the loss of resources due to cyber attacks.

In addition to protecting the proper conduct of their business, organizations are also required to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the personal data they process as stipulated in Article 32 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Therefore, equipping oneself with appropriate tools that can combine external cyber intelligence and vulnerability identification is indispensable for proper threat analysis and cyber incident prevention.

Comply with the requirements set by the GDPR for data protection

Protect your business with ongoing protection from IT attacks

Our solution Namirial Cyber Expert

The cyber security solution proposed by Namirial allows testing, verification and evaluation of the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures, identifying cyber threats to which the company is exposed.

The Cyber Expert platform provides an analysis of IT infrastructure vulnerabilities, data breaches, malware and the deep web. The analysis aims to uncover areas of weakness in IT infrastructure at the exposed perimeter of the network, enabling rapid and timely mitigation of the risk of cyber attacks before vulnerabilities can be exploited by attackers.

At the end of the test, a report is generated containing a list of all identified critical issues with their risk class and solutions to resolve them. This type of analysis is based on external cyber intelligence techniques through the use of a risk assessment engine with proprietary technology that does not require the installation of any software.

All the advantages of our solution

No software to install

The web platform is ready to use: no software installation is required, saving considerable time and investment. Integration is done easily and flexibly via APIs to start security analysis directly from the front-end already in use.

Ease of use

After activating the platform and entering only the required data (public IP address, email, domain, and website address), simply schedule the analysis. Once the report is ready, it is received directly to the entered email address.

Intuitive reports

The reports generated are comprehensive and easy to understand. They highlight vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, report on whether your data is on the deep web, detect data breaches and malware, and finally guide you in taking corrective action.

Use cases


  • Selling insurance policies against cyber risks
  • Checking the level of your client’s cyber risks
  • First quote on assessments

Privacy consultants and DPOs

  • Audit of cybersecurity-related threats and vulnerabilities
  • Compliance with GDPR and other cybersecurity laws, regulations and policies

Administrative and legal sector

  • Detects and prevents data breaches