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Telco & Media

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Speeding up and compliance in customer management

The Telco & Media industry is characterized by a high degree of competitiveness, both in customer acquisition and retention. Digitization enables the right trade-off between the need to offer a mobile-first and cross-channel user experience, compliance obligations and optimization of operational costs.

For an effective customer journey, it is essential to be able to offer secure online identification, remote signing of contracts with legally valid electronic signatures, and simplified user account management.   


Reduced customer acquisition time


Customers choose when to identify themselves in self-service

Digital benefits

Activation of new users with end-to-end digital process

Online access to customer accounts with SPID/CIE

SIM portability with anti-fraud procedures

Online corporate meetings and counseling sessions with integrated legally valid electronic signature

Secure online identification

Omnichannel data strategy support to speed up upselling and cross-selling

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Our solutions for your business

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Our service enables fully digital management of customer acquisition flows, in compliance with AML, KyC and Adequate Verification standards.

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Identity verification

Identity verification is an essential procedure in all contexts where it is necessary to ascertain the identity of the customer and the compliance of their documents. In particular, it is essential for adhering to anti-fraud regulations and ensuring the proper conduct of transactions.

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Certified delivery

Managing certified communication flows is a prerequisite for organizations that need to retain evidence of document delivery and receipt and track the actions taken by message recipients.