Create and manage the entire lifecycle of digital certificates with PKI as a Service

Infrastructure as a service

Public Key Infrastructure as a Service (PKIaaS for short) offers all the features and benefits of a proprietary Public Key Infrastructure, but without requiring the physical investments and challenges of hosting.

A public key infrastructure (PKI) creates and manages the entire lifecycle of digital certificates. Digital certificates are proofs of identification issued to individuals, legal entities or services.

The PKI as a Service (PKIaaS) solution offers PKI operations that are based on Namirial’s hardware and software infrastructure, including technology services, business process consulting, procedures, human resources, legal and security aspects. This provides a complete PKI with the latest technology in terms of security, availability, performance, functionality, services, and compliance with regulations and standards. All, however, without direct technology or maintenance costs.

Optimize processes with an innovative and strategic choice, ensuring security in all areas

Ensure confidentiality and authenticity of data in particularly sensitive contexts with the most advanced technologies

Our solution PKI as a Service

Get all the guarantees and functionality of an entire Public Key Infrastructure without any investment or complications. With the simplicity of a cloud-based, pay-per-use service, you get access to all the essential components of PKI made available by Namirial.

From a dedicated Certificate Authority with digital certificates issued by your organization, a Registration Authority, a Validation Authority, and a Time Stamp Authority, to a Centralized Certificate Custody Service (CCCS), an Electronic Signature Service (ESS), and even Electronic Signature Validation and Verification (VOL).

The PKI as a Service solution enables any organization to benefit from a dedicated and highly customizable PKI.

The components of PKI as a Service

The infrastructure consists of several services that, combined, ensure maximum efficiency at all stages.

Certification Authority (CA)

You can have your own Certification Authority (public or private) dedicated exclusively with digital certificates issued by your organization.

Registration Authority (RA)

Granular, hierarchical service for managing multiple physical or virtual registration offices, digital and personal onboarding, and complete certificate lifecycle management.

Validation Authority (VA)

Automated certificate validation service via certificate revocation lists (CRLs) and online certificate status protocol (OCSP).

Time Stamping Authority (TSA)

A reliable time and date certification service that allows the existence of a digital document to be proven at a specific point in time, ensuring its integrity.

Centralized Certificate Custody Service (CCCS)

Service for centralized backup of all certificates issued by your organization, allowing them to be used from any Internet-connected device.

Electronic Signature Service (ESS)

A REST API simplifies the rapid and secure use of electronic signatures and seals in existing processes or business applications of enterprise organizations.

Validation and Verification of Electronic Signatures (VOL)

A REST API for the verification and validation of electronic signatures, with control of certificate validity and the integrity of signed information.

All the advantages of our solution 

Cutting-edge technology

Dedicated PKI environment: dedicated customer Certification Authority (CA) with separate logical infrastructure. No technology obsolescence.

Reduced time and cost

Cloud flexibility and scalability and rapid deployment models reduce average time by more than 80%. Advantageous pay-per-use formula.

PKI accreditation process

Complete digital certificate lifecycle management: registration, issuance, revocation, reactivation, revocation and renewal.

Guaranteed continuity of service

Constant PKI monitoring (24/7, 365 days a year) to ensure maximum continuity.

Modularity and maximum integration

High availability, modular architecture, and geographically separated site for disaster recovery. Web application interfaces and REST APIs for integration into any process.

Highly customizable service

Service level agreements (SLAs) with agreed response times. Granular permissions/delegated administration to define roles and permissions of users, operators and records (RA).

Use cases


  • Enables digital transformation of banking transactions in a secure environment, giving financial institutions autonomy in digitizing high- and medium-risk transactions

Digital services

  • Several companies offering various digital services use PKIaaS to implement qualified trust services in their digital and business services, thus enhancing their market offerings

Government sector

  • Government uses PKIaaS to enable in-depth cross-sector e-government initiatives and to provide various social and economic services to businesses and citizens

Success Stories

Specialists in applications for the creation and management of digital identities and signature processes, ValidatedID wanted to offer qualified signatures to some of its customers, especially in Germany. Using our PKIaaS, ValidatedID became a QTSP and implemented qualified One-Shot signatures within its signature platform. One of its customers is Randstad Germany, which uses One-Shot to sign employment contracts in Germany.

The Guatemala Chamber of Commerce chose PKIaaS because of the full range of services and competitive pricing. It is currently a QTSP using our PKIaaS and has begun releasing services to its customers.

PBS is a group of companies distributed throughout Central America, being the leading integrator in the region. It sells and customizes enterprise software from the world’s leading vendors to large utilities and service companies. Due to rapid digital transformation, PBS focuses on new business areas such as digital signature transactions.