Corporate experiences

and initiatives

Join Namirial and discover a work environment that celebrates excellence. We enhance your skills and potential through initiatives designed for your well-being and professional development.


We firmly believe that the digital transformation we have been driving as a Group for over two decades starts with each and every one of us! That is why we organize an annual internal Hackathon open to the entire Group, an arena where we can try our hand at generating new products and services or enriching existing features.

But in these times we cannot talk about innovation without Artificial Intelligence. Our AI Lab provides another opportunity to dive into an exciting challenge on the potential of AI to create innovative solutions, improving our products and business processes.


We believe that your personal balance is the basis of our balance as a company! Therefore, we take care of our people’s well-being through periodic surveys to gather their preferences and offer the best services for a healthy lifestyle. From fitness to yoga classes to psychological support, we are sure you will find the ideal option for you!


NamirAgile reflects the way we adopt agile methodology in our team. At Namirial, we believe in the substance of work: we know that what really matters is results, not hours spent at the computer.

Here, there is no need to be physically present all the time or to “clock in” at set times. Smart working is an integral part of our culture, and everyone can freely express his or her potential through a flexible and hybrid work approach.

D.A.R.E. Diversity Action to Reach Equality

The IT world is still heavily dominated by the male gender, but here at Namirial we want to break this cliché and make a difference by making room for our women. We believe that among them there are extraordinary talents yet to be discerned and many specific needs to be met.

For this reason, the women of Namirial joined forces and started the D.A.R.E. (Diversity Action to Reach Equality) project. This project was an opportunity to build on ideas, valuing our diversity of views and needs, and to define DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) policies and a strategic plan that the entire Namirial Group enthusiastically embraced. This is how we achieved Uni/Pdr 125:2022 Certification for Gender Equality, an important milestone achieved in December 2022.

Engaging Transparency

At Namirial, transparency is key. We are committed to sharing data and information at all levels to ensure that everyone has a clear view of the company’s strategies, goals achieved, and the direction in which we are heading. For this reason, we organize quarterly TownHalls, where we showcase results, exchange feedback and map out future prospects.

But it doesn’t end there: the Unplugged offers a unique opportunity to meet informally with our CEO. These meetings allow people from various organizational functions to engage in direct, unfiltered discussions throughout the year.

In addition, we have eVoice, our engagement survey that collects systematic feedback on business climate. It is an opportunity for everyone to anonymously assess the state of the art within the organization, contributing to our continuous improvement.

Continuous Learning

Join our team and get ready for your potential to flourish!

At our company, we firmly believe in constant evolution. That’s why we offer all our employees a Udemy account, opening the door to thousands of high-quality online courses. With this incredible resource at your fingertips, you can hone your skills, discover new passions, and stay one step ahead in your industry.

We invest in your growth because we believe your success is our success. Join us and transform your career path!


Our hearts beat to help those in need, and it is from this feeling of empathy that Namirial4Charity was born. With this initiative, we want to make a real impact in situations of emergency and need by acting with concrete actions. Every company in the Group and every employee can show their solidarity and make a valuable contribution as they see fit: financial donations, free supplies of goods or services, or support through solidarity purchases.

We have recently supported two important initiatives by providing help during the conflict in Ukraine and by offering support to the victims of the flooding in the Marche region in September 2022.

But we don’t stop there – let’s keep working together to make a difference!


From the first day of the conflict in Ukraine, our Group has felt the duty and responsibility to intervene in support of the Ukrainian people and businesses.

This is what we did with concrete actions:

• We joined forces with NGOs in Italy, Romania, Austria and Poland to bring essential goods directly into the hands of the affected people. Namirial led a fundraising drive involving our employees worldwide and then doubled the donations with corporate funds.

• We offered tangible support to Ukrainian businesses by providing as many as 5 million free signatures on eSignAnyWhere to help them continue their operations.

• And we have opened our doors to people fleeing the conflict, providing a preferential channel for job applications in our companies for those seeking refuge and opportunity.

We continue to demonstrate our commitment to making a difference, step by step.


The flood that hit the Italian region Marche in September 2022 threw many parts of the region into uncertainty including our beloved Senigallia, where our Group has its roots. But as in the past, the city showed extraordinary resilience, with citizens rolling up their sleeves and bravely tackling the mud. Among the volunteers who worked tirelessly to repair the damage, we are proud to count many of our colleagues, some of whom even came from other locations to offer their help.

As a company, we provided practical support by offering paid leave to employees involved in the relief effort and by providing needed equipment. In addition, we promoted a fundraiser among our employees, doubling donations with a corporate contribution of 20 thousand euros, entirely donated to Caritas Senigallia Onlus.

Finally, to support the rebirth of the communities in the Marche region, we decided to do our part by choosing exclusively local products for our Christmas gifts to employees and customers from companies that suffered losses due to the flood. A small gesture to contribute to the great work of reconstruction and hope.