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Turn simple text messages and emails into reliable communications with full evidentiary value with Namirial SERCQ

Certified Delivery

SERCQ provides in real time and in all EU countries, legal proof of sending, accepting, delivering, and reading of messages and attached files by customers, suppliers, and employees, even if communication with the recipient is via ordinary email or SMS.

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The Qualified Certified Delivery Service is more comprehensive than a Pec. The evidentiary value of exchanged communications can be strengthened by adding an opening notification to the normal delivery and acceptance notifications.

The service also makes it possible to securely identify both the sender and the recipient, even before the communication leaves. Through the use of digital signatures and automatic time stamping, transmitted data are certified and tracked at all times.

For each action that takes place during the communication (sending, receiving, reading, approving or rejecting messages and content), the sender can also download an attestation (affidavit) to his or her device that is valid as computer evidence certifying the occurrence of the individual action.

Protect your business by providing certainty, evidentiary value and traceability to important communications

Avoid paper documents and save on postage costs by adopting environmentally friendly business procedures

Our solution Namirial SERCQ

Namirial SERCQ can be used via the Web or can be integrated into any existing application, thanks to simple APIs. The service is available in eight languages, selectable by recipient, for certified communication throughout Europe.

Thanks to an intuitive editor, Namirial SERCQ allows you to send emails with certified content (including attachments), certified SMS messages or electronic notifications to digitally prove the recipient’s access to content stored on its servers; apply automatic time stamps to certify each step of the communication; and generate digitally signed attestations (affidavits) in real time certifying shipment, delivery, reading, rejection or approval of communications.

All the advantages of our solution


SERCQ enables you to cut down the costs associated with traditional certified paper communications.


The solution provides real-time legal proof that the message was sent, received, delivered and read.

Increased legal protection

Certainty, evidentiary value and traceability of communications results in greater legal protection for the sending companies.

No installation required

The recipient does not have to install any software or own a CEM to receive communications sent with SERCQ.

EU Evidentiary Evidence

Certified evidence of sending, delivery, acceptance and reading of messages and attachments and access to web content is valid throughout the EU.


Use of SERCQ eliminates paper communications and promotes environmentally sustainable business processes.

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Use cases


  • Policy update or renewal
  • Denied coverage
  • Failure to pay claims
  • Cancellations and medical certificates


  • Due Diligence (Adequate Verification)
  • Reimbursement Plans
  • Information on obligations
  • Online banking credential management

Human Resources

  • Change of working hours
  • Changing contract terms and conditions
  • NDA – Non-disclosure-compete
  • Disciplinary reprimand / Dismissal / Resignation

Real Estate

  • Contract termination
  • Late Payment
  • Contractual expiration


  • Default notice
  • Contractual changes
  • Scheduled service interruptions

Consumer credit

  • Sending contracts to end customer
  • Negative account balance notice
  • Out-of-court notice requesting payments
  • Delivery of supplier contracts
  • Condition changes

Success Stories

Fremap manages Spanish Health Service economic benefits related to illness or work-related injuries. Each year it performs 170 thousand mailings and sends 680 thousand electronic messages. With Namirial SERCQ has achieved two goals: reducing its carbon footprint and minimizing costs. Thanks to Certified Qualified Delivery, Fremap monitors shipments and receives information in real time, being certain of the delivery of its communications.

Orange Banco Cooperativo needed a service for digital notification to its customers of account overdrafts, capable of certain proof of delivery. The average annual volume is about 800 thousand electronic messages. With Certified Delivery, the bank made instant notification, which used to take 3 days with traditional methods, reducing costs and strengthening the legal validity of the communication through proof of delivery of the message and its content.

Allianz used to inform its customers of contract amendments and extensions and cancellations through a postal and electronic delivery service. With the Namirial SERCQ Certified Delivery solution, Allianz achieved a twofold goal: to send digital notifications in real time through certified communications, having the certainty of delivery, and to reduce the costs associated with mailing.