Integrity, accountability, ethics and corporate cybersecurity

Integrity, accountability, ethics, and cybersecurity are the four pillars on which our Group stands and which help make us transparent and trustworthy to our customers, suppliers, employees, and various stakeholders.

Business Integrity

By adopting our Business Integrity Policy we have committed ourselves to conducting all our business in a legal and ethical manner and in accordance with the highest standards of business integrity. Our Business Integrity Policy aims to prevent business practices deemed unacceptable, such as corruption.

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Corporate responsibility – Model 231

Namirial has adopted its Model 231 and appointed a Supervisory Board with powers of initiative and control to comply with regulatory provisions and promote a culture oriented toward ethics, fairness and transparency.

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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of the Namirial Group defines the values and principles of behavior that must be respected, in the performance of its activities, by the corporate bodies and all persons who at any level operate, collaborate or have consulting or business relations with the Group (members of corporate bodies, employees, collaborators, consultants, stakeholders).

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Anticorruption and Whistleblowing

On the subject of propriety of behavior, in addition to having adopted Model 231 and the Code of Ethics, the Namirial Group also has an Anticorruption Policy, establishing rules of conduct to be followed compliant with prohibited behaviors, and a Whistleblowing Policy, to strengthen control over effective compliance with the principles and provisions of the law in force and contained in group codes and policies.

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Data Security

The Namirial Group has issued a Cyber Security Statement to provide customers, suppliers and partners with detailed information on the security practices adopted in its subsidiaries and investee companies and how the information and data processed is handled, in compliance with all applicable regulations and the highest industry standards.

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