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Simplify your daily work by managing your documents and business processes with Namirial Archive

Document Management

The proper management of a document throughout its entire lifecycle, from creation to preservation, is a strategic process for companies and public administrations. Technological innovation provides valuable support for administering large amounts of documents and data.

Man with smartphone manages the entire document lifecycle

The digitization of a business involves the generation and management of digital documents, which sit alongside or replace paper documents. The way documents are communicated and stored is also transformed. From physical spaces we move to a virtual space that is shared and accessible from anywhere. 

The use of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions allows information to be shared on corporate intranet and Internet portals, customizable by the user or administrator. Document management, searchability and retention over time is ensured by Document Management System (DMS) and Long Term Archiving (LTA) tools.

Process automation involves the abandonment of manual and repetitive tasks in favor of digital tools with which to perform the same tasks more quickly and efficiently (Business Process Management workflow).

Manage, search, store and share your documents effectively, with a system that fully adapts to your needs.

Streamline your flows with more efficient procedures, with better results in less time. Save on costs and quickly recoup your investment.

Our suite Namirial Archive

Namirial Archive streamlines business processes through intuitive and functional resources that provide 360-degree document management.

It is a comprehensive solution, capable of managing the entire document lifecycle; modular, because it can be adapted to the needs of private companies and PAs; multi-instance, multi-language and cross-country, deliverable in SaaS, Private SaaS and On Prem, depending on your needs.

Designed to be versatile, suitable for both those operating in local markets and in an international context, Namirial Archive complies with all national and international standards.

The components of Namirial Archive

The suite consists of several resources that can be implemented individually or in a combined mode according to specific needs, always ensuring maximum efficiency at all stages.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The ECM system offers powerful data management via web part technology, through which personal spaces can be defined, fully customizable by the user or administrator, with the goal of publishing intranet and Internet portals where information can be shared. A powerful yet easy-to-use collaboration engine. 

A woman with a laptop manages documents in an archive

Document Management System (DMS)

The DMS allows you to organize, classify, search and manage business documents quickly, intuitively, interactively and, above all, effectively. With the DMS you can organize documents according to your organizational structure. It is a multi-business system: the application’s advanced tools allow you to define the document types to be managed for each company. 

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Business Project Management (BPM)

Business Process Management – BPM allows you to manage business processes and transform workflows into customizable workflows. BPM transforms every process quickly and easily.

A woman and a man in front of a PC carry out long-term archiving of documents

Long-Term Archiving (LTA)

It provides a hub for storing documents with evidence in accordance with regulations, in a secure preservation system with a simple search and display function. Ensures authenticity, integrity, availability and retrievability of archived documents. Enables implementation of a preservation process based on the management and production of information packages required by the technical rules. 

A man on a sofa uses a laptop feeling safe for sensitive data retention

Long-Term Archiving (LTA) for Sensitive Data Retention

In the case of sensitive data requiring special handling, the solution includes the use of advanced level encryption components, along with access control policies and user identity verification. This service is compliant with the management of critical data (QC2 ACN level) of public administrations.

All the benefits of our suite


Efficient organization and cataloging of any type of document (invoices, shipping documents, orders, logs, e-mails, faxes, letters, offers).


Simplified search and quick reference of archived business documents, easily accessible from web application.


Optimization of business processes: reduction of management time and elimination of costs for printing, physical storage and shipping.


Archiving and preservation of business documents in an easily accessible and AgID and ACN qualified digital archive and within the perimeter of Namirial ISO 9001 and 2700 certifications.


Simplification of complex business processes through the implementation of personal spaces and streamlined information flows, adaptable to specific needs.


The adoption of a digital document management system results in a decrease in environmental impact and paper use.