An accountant with a laptop makes an electronic delivery of documents

Create, send, archive and store electronic invoices, orders and bills of lading in accordance with regulations


Namirial’s eDelivery enables the delivery and receipt of electronic invoices (eInvoices), electronic orders and transportation documents, through a dedicated hub.

Starting in 2019 in Italy there is a requirement for electronic invoicing. Businesses and professionals must digitally manage the creation, issuance, receipt and storage of invoices to other businesses and professionals, PAs and citizens.

Electronic invoices are in XML format, which has the same legal value as the old paper invoice. They are transmitted through the Internal Revenue Service’s Interchange System, which receives electronic invoices from the sender, verifies their correctness and forwards them to the recipient.

Electronic invoices must be kept for at least ten years, both by the sender and the receiver. Electronic management of invoices (and also of orders and trasportation documents) makes processes more efficient because it reduces time and costs and has a lower environmental impact.

In business relationships and international e-procurement, invoices, orders and transportation documents are exchanged in the XML UBL format, via the PEPPOL network, a standard that enables companies and PAs to securely exchange electronic business documents across borders.

Create, deliver and receive invoices, orders and bills of lading in electronic format through a dedicated hub

Automate the flow of sending, receiving and storing invoices, orders and bills of lading thanks to Namirial

Our suite Namirial Archive

Namirial’s B2B electronic invoicing (eInvoice) service allows you to automate the creation, transmission, control and management of electronic invoices between individuals (companies and VAT-registered individuals) for the entire invoicing cycle, both active and passive. Namirial guarantees regulation-compliant storage of all documents, even beyond the ten years required by the standard.

With PA electronic invoicing, electronic invoices can be sent to public administration entities in the required format, transmission outcomes and summary reports can be consulted, and digital preservation of invoices and outcomes can be carried out in accordance with the law.

As a PEPPOL intermediary, Namirial organizes the management, transmission and digitized storage of orders, transportation documents and invoices in XML UBL format to EU recipients, as part of commercial and e-procurement relationships at the european level.

All the advantages of our suite


Complete lifecycle management of invoices, orders and bills of lading, from creation to storage.


An intuitive and customizable editor makes the solution adaptable to every company.


Courtesy e-mail sending, PDF invoice viewing, access to attachments, validation check on documents.

Third-party management

Manage invoices, orders and bills of lading issued for and on behalf of third parties.

Adding notes

Ability to add accounting notes to payable invoices.


Compliant storage of documents in digital format, even beyond the maximum legal deadlines.