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Closer to customers, with sustainable and inclusive technology

By 2030, the value of total premiums will reach 10 trillion on a global scale, and 8 out of 10 policies will be conveyed by digital platforms. Whether it is life or non-life, whether it covers people, animals, homes, motors or other assets, insurance policy is increasingly digital. The distribution model is becoming increasingly phygital, with digital insurance channels joining the traditional network of physical counters.

In this context, technology becomes the main competitive factor for companies, agents and brokers. Remote identification, remote electronic signature and authentication with SPID/CIE facilitate customer acquisition and management, reducing operational costs, while fully complying with the requirements of due diligence, anti-money laundering, privacy and IVASS guidance.


Reduced customer acquisition time


Customers choose when to identify themselves in self-service

Digital benefits

Policy underwriting with AES/QES, online or in a branch

Digital management of customer accounts, with authentication via SPID/CIE

Digital onboarding of customers and agents, with SPID or biometric recognition, self-service or with operator, in compliance with IVASS Regulation 44/2019

Online corporate meetings, with integrated legally valid electronic signature 

Digital and centralized document management of branches and territorial agents

Video consulting sessions, with ID verification and online signature

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Our solutions for your business

Man at home desk carries out video recognition via webcam to become a new customer


Our service enables fully digital management of customer acquisition flows, in compliance with AML, KyC and Adequate Verification standards.

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Identity verification

Identity proofing is an essential procedure in all contexts where it is necessary to ascertain the identity of the customer and the compliance of their documents. In particular, it is essential for adhering to anti-fraud regulations and ensuring the proper conduct of transactions.

Group of people with digital devices receive certified delivery

Certified delivery

Managing certified communication flows is a prerequisite for organizations that need to retain evidence of document delivery and receipt and track the actions taken by message recipients.

Success stories

CNP assurances logo

As pioneer in the French insurance market, the CNP Assurance Group stands out for its partnership strategy that reinforces its historical offering with digitized underwriting processes. Underwriting of regulated products requires electronic signature and submission of supporting documents (DDA, KYC, solvency…). The risk was receiving incomplete and/or non-compliant files, as well as a frequent abandonment rate. With a rapid implementation, the Namirial ID Proofing login method enabled a combination of KYC and user experience.

Allianz logo

Allianz used to inform their customers of news related to active contracts (changes, extensions, cancellations) through a postal and electronic delivery service.
With the Namirial Certified Comunication solution, they achieved the double success of being able to provide electronic notifications with certified content while reducing costs. Other benefits achieved include the immediate and secure notification of communications and the reduction of resources committed to the entire process.