Our values

The Namirial Group embodies its corporate culture on four core values that unite us and guide us toward an increasingly ambitious future.

Contagious Passion

We infuse enthusiasm and energy into everything we do, embracing a positive and welcoming perspective for each individual’s ideas. We meet challenges with determination and cooperation, avoiding the creation of new ones. Our resilience enables us to adapt nimbly to change, dealing with uncertainty and seizing opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Core

We focus our energies on what matters to our business, taking the initiative with confidence, proactivity and autonomy. We challenge the status quo and are willing to take risks to achieve extraordinary results. We take responsibility for our actions, projects and results, making clear and quick decisions, even when they involve difficult choices. We learn from all experiences, even unpleasant ones.

Engaging Transparency

We cultivate open, honest and effective communication. We embrace a culture of 360-degree feedback, encouraging opinions upward, downward, and sideways. Every voice matters, and we are committed to ensuring maximum visibility in sharing common visions, goals, and results. Together we celebrate successes and address challenges, thus creating an environment of transparency, collaboration and trust.

Colourful Inclusivity

We cultivate an environment of mutual respect, open-mindedness and fairness. We enthusiastically welcome diverse opinions and perspectives, avoiding judgment and accusations. We value the abilities and potential of every individual, without discrimination of any kind.
We adopt clear, understandable and impartial language to ensure maximum inclusiveness and effective communication. We develop an international mindset, celebrating and respecting the diversity of customs and cultural approaches. We encourage international synergy, promoting interactions and collaborations that contribute to collective growth.