Certify your digital documents with Namirial time stamps


Time stamping allows a certain date and time to be associated with a digital document, enabling legal proof of its existence at that precise moment in time and ensuring the integrity of the information it contains.

A time stamp is used to generate legal proof relating to the exact moment at which an electronic transaction is made. It can be used, for example, to associate a certain date and time with a computer document, to prove its existence at that precise moment. Or it can be used to date an electronic signature affixed to a computer document, certifying the validity of the signature even after the natural expiration of the signature certificate. In addition, time stamping can be used to certify the time of execution of a digital banking transaction or the date of issuance of an electronic invoice.

Time stamping, simple or qualified, is a service that can only be offered by an accredited certifier. Electronic time validation gives rise to a legal presumption regarding the certainty of the date and time and produces a reversal of the burden of proof.

A time stamp issued in one EU state is recognized
scient in all other member states

Date and time of the qualified time stamp are linked to the coordinated universal time

Our Time Stamp service

A time stamp is a sequence of digital characters that contains a precise date and time. Time stamps are issued by a trusted third party called the Time Stamping Authority (TSA). The accredited entity certifies the existence of the document when the time stamp is issued.

When the process of time stamping a document is initiated, the software that is used to perform this action sends a request to Namirial, along with a set of data about the document. After carrying out the appropriate checks on the correctness of the data received, Namirial generates the time stamp and sends it to the software, which finally affixes it to the document, certifying its existence.

A time stamp can be affixed to either a digitally signed document or an unsigned document. When affixed to a digitally signed document, it serves to ensure the validity of the digital signature even when the signing certificate expires or if the certificate is suspended or revoked.

All the advantages of our solution

Easy to use

Just install the software, select the document and choose the format.

Date and time certainity

The date and time associated with the document are linked to Coordinated Universal Time.

European validity

Namirial time stamps produce legal effects in all EU member states.

Enforceability against third parties

Time-stamped documents are legally enforceable against third parties.

20-year validity

Namirial time stamps are valid for 20 years.


By choosing one of the Namirial packages, the cost of a single time stamp is reduced.

Use cases


  • Certification and time tracking of financial transactions

Public administration

  • Application for benefits and subsidies
  • Documentation delivery


  • Time tracking medical information registration
  • Patient clinical information tracking


  • Delivery time certification
  • Shipment tracking


  • Submission of documents, petitions and evidence


  • Time stamp on insurance policies