Equity and Inclusion

Social Impact

The Namirial Group upholds the values of diversity, equity and inclusion, adopting organizational and management mechanisms marked by respect for the rights and freedom of each individual. The Company does not allow any form of discrimination in relation to gender, age, sexual orientation and identity, health, physical ability, social status, ethnic origin, nationality, political opinion, religious faith. We promote the removal of cultural and material obstacles that limit people’s full expression.

We value the differences and uniqueness of people

We defend and encourage diversity, in its different expressions, because it enriches each of us, opening us to new ideas and creating new possibilities and new value. We value the differences and uniqueness of people with concrete actions in all organizational and management processes, so that everyone can feel included and give their best, getting the same opportunities for professional growth, regardless of their role in the organization.


We value gender balance and overcoming any stereotypes, discrimination or prejudice. We promote policies and actions to foster equal opportunities, sharing of family responsibilities, and work-life balance.

We promote women in managerial and leadership development programs to increase women’s career opportunities and achieve gender balance at every level. We are committed to combating gender-based violence and have adopted a specific policy dedicated to the prevention of harassment and violence in the workplace.

Multiculturality and Interculturality

Being composed of companies with offices in different countries around the world, interacting daily with customers, suppliers and partners of different nationalities and cultures, the Namirial Group is naturally multicultural and accustomed to interculturality.

The presence of different cultures living together in our organization leads us to be open to multi-level confrontation, with a view to mutual exchange, resulting in a factor of innovation and growth.


We are committed to creating an inclusive environment in which everyone feels valued and respected for his or her particularities and can contribute his or her abilities, skills, and knowledge to the achievement of global goals.

We recognize equal opportunities for all people regardless of physical, mental, and sensory disabilities, with concrete measures to promote the inclusion and inclusion of people with disabilities, fully valuing their talents and skills and thereby contributing to the breaking down of cultural, as well as physical, barriers.

Gender Equality Management System Certification

Our company is UNI/PdR 125:2022 certified, as it complies with the Gender Equality Management System Guidelines, which requires the adoption of specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) inherent in gender equality policies in organizations.

More information on the certification can be found on the Namirial certifications page

Guidelines for internal and external communications

Recognizing the key role that words and images play in shaping cultural and social attitudes, we have identified and adopted company-wide Guidelines for Internal and External Communications. The document contains principles and guidelines aimed at us “Namirials” for communicating in our organization and with users, customers and suppliers, making sure that the words and images we choose do not express prejudice, are not discriminatory and do not perpetuate, even unconsciously, stereotypes related to the characteristics and preferences of each individual person.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy

Employment and labour standards policy