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Ensure your users secure browsing with SSL/TLS protocol by encrypting data and information on the Internet

Security certificates for websites

The SSL/TLS protocol is a security system that ensures that information exchanged between a browser and a Web site is protected by encryption. This ensures that sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers are not intercepted or modified by third parties during transmission.

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When a site is protected by the SSL/TLS protocol, the browser establishes a secure connection with the site’s server via the certificate: this contains information about the identity of the website, such as the name and address, and a public key used to initiate the process of encrypting the information.

In fact, the encryption used by the TLS/SSL protocol is based on public and private key technology. The public key is used to encrypt the data, while the private key is used to decrypt it. This procedure prevents unauthorized third parties from intercepting and decoding the information.

Protect data in transit online effectively with an advanced encryption process

Improve site navigation and optimize search engine rankings

Our solution for SSL/TLS certificates

Namirial’s SSL/TLS certificates aim to ensure maximum security for communications taking place on the web. With the aim of offering the highest performance and reliability guarantees, Namirial offers its certificate issuing service in partnership with Entrust, one of the main global industry leaders.

Through compliance with strict security requirements, full compliance with international Web Trust standards is ensured, thus guaranteeing an exceptional level of reliability.

Additional strength is the ability to use certificates in conjunction with a portal with advanced features, which enables automatic management of the certificate lifecycle.

Different types of certificates

SSL/TLS certificates are an essential component of the data encryption process that makes Internet transactions secure. To meet the different needs of each individual entity or organization, Namirial offers different types of certificates.

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Includes verification of the identity and legitimacy of the company, avoiding the appearance of security alerts by the browser.

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Ensures the highest level of reliability for the site, also contributing to better SEO ranking.

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Allows multiple subdomains to be protected through a single SSL certificate associated with the main domain.

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Allows you to protect multiple domains with a single SSL certificate, ideal for related sites or sites that belong to the same organization.

All the benefits of our solution

Risk reduction

The use of a secure protocol prevents cyber attacks and unauthorized data acquisition by blocking the interception of sensitive information by malicious parties.

Improved corporate image

In addition to increased authority and credibility in the eyes of visitors, a site with an SSL/TLS certificate also achieves significant SEO benefits by improving search engine rankings.


Depending on your needs, you can choose to install the most suitable type of certificate, with the option to cancel and reissue it at no additional cost throughout its validity period.

High security standards

Certificates are issued only after a thorough verification process of the requesting organization. They comply with the PKI x.509 standard and use SHA-256 and RSA-2048 algorithms.

Universal compatibility

Reliable SSL/TLS certificates are guaranteed to be compatible with all major desktop and mobile browsers.

Autonomous management

The entire lifecycle of certificates can be managed automatically and completely autonomously through a portal with advanced features.

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Target markets and use cases


  • Secure transmission of sensitive data and payment information during online transactions

Online banking

  • Protection of users’ personal information and maximum security during online financial transactions

Corporate websites

  • Protection of sensitive information used for user access and encryption of data exchanged between the user and the website

Electronic mail

  • Secure transfer of information sent via e-mail

Cloud and hosting services

  • Maximum protection of data stored and shared in the cloud during transmission