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Digital and mobile-first, sustainable and compliant experience

The utility sector is experiencing a major shift, with increased competition and greater customer mobility. On one hand this is due to the complete liberalization of some traditional markets, such as gas and electricity, and on the other hand to new ways of using services and new markets enabled by digital technology.

In these new scenarios, customer management needs to be rethought with a digital and mobile-first approach throughout the user lifecycle, from activation to day-to-day management. By introducing paperless solutions into its external and internal processes, it optimizes costs and operational flows, increasing the degree of sustainability of its operations.


Reduced customer acquisition time


Customers choose when to identify themselves in self-service

Digital benefits

Activation of a new user account directly online

Digital onboarding of new employees, even remotely

Access to the user area with SPID/CIE

Online corporate assemblies and meetings with integrated legally valid electronic signature

Centralized digital document management between corporate and branches

Omnichannel data strategy support to speed up upselling and cross-selling

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Our solutions for your business

Man at home desk carries out video recognition via webcam to become a new customer


Our service enables fully digital management of customer acquisition flows, in compliance with AML, KyC and Adequate Verification standards.

Identity verification

Identity verification is an essential procedure in all contexts where it is necessary to ascertain the identity of the customer and the compliance of their documents. In particular, it is essential for adhering to anti-fraud regulations and ensuring the proper conduct of transactions.

Group of people with digital devices receive certified delivery

Certified delivery

Managing certified communication flows is a prerequisite for organizations that need to retain evidence of document delivery and receipt and track the actions taken by message recipients.

Success stories

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The Vertuloo rental document platform is dedicated to property managers in the French market. Through artificial intelligence, it offers automatic and real-time checking of authenticity and correctness of documents and generates a secure and pragmatic analysis of the solvency of potential tenants. The integration of Namirial ID Proofing in document verification, combined with the verifications developed by Bessé, has enabled the construction of a coherent and efficient set of control systems.