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Tailored solutions for your business, online and in-store

Productivity, customer experience, sustainability and employee retention are some of the key challenges for retail, a sector that has been struggling with inflation, supply and economic uncertainty since the pandemic.

For retail, the opportunities lie within digital technologies. It is possible to have solutions that improve the customer experience with minimal investment, both in the physical store and online, simplify back-end operations. The result is increased productivity and reduced environmental impact of one’s business. These are factors that also help streamline operations and increase the retention rate of your staff.


Reduced customer acquisition time


Customers choose when to identity themselves in self-service

Digital benefits

B2B/B2C e-commerce digital account management with SPID/CIE

Onboarding, authentication and signature integration with third-party systems (financing, splitted payment, loyalty)

Secure user identification, with AML/KyC-compliant anti-fraud procedures

Digital management of contracts and internal or external paperwork with electronic signature (HR, procurement, logistics)

Omnichannel customer experience, in-store, remote, web and app

Certified assemblies and online meetings between different stores with the ability to share and sign documents

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Our solutions for your business

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Our service enables fully digital management of customer acquisition flows, in compliance with AML, KyC and Adequate Verification standards.

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Identity verification

Identity verification is an essential procedure in all contexts where it is necessary to ascertain the identity of customers and the compliance of their documents. In particular, it is essential for adhering to anti-fraud regulations and ensuring the proper conduct of transactions.

Certified delivery

Managing certified communication flows is a prerequisite for organizations that need to retain evidence of document delivery and receipt and track the actions taken by message recipients.

Success stories

Yves Rocher logo

The company, which has combined passion for nature and scientific research to offer quality products without intermediaries throughout the production process for more than 60 years, introduced advanced electronic signatures in their contract management.
Through the integrationof the signature workflow via API, remote contract management has facilitated the expansion of the affiliate network, reduced management time and monitoring flows, and ensured the legal validity of digitally signed contracts.

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OrtoRomi, an agricultural cooperative company that produces, packages and distributes fresh produce, needed to manage and store all their administrative documents, which were stored partly on paper and partly in local files in the company network, causing inefficiencies in terms of time and resources used. With the use of the Namirial Archive suite, the company was able to reduce printing costs to zero and speed up the archiving of invoices and Ddt.