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Choose Namirial Sign to sign, verify and store digital documents in full compliance

Signing client

Namirial Sign is the platform for digitally signing documents that also allows you to affix time stamps, verify the validity of a signature, store files in a specific cloud space, and perform long-term regulatory storage.

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Several indispensable features for efficient and correct digitization of one’s document flows are encapsulated in one easy-to-use and intuitive tool.

The platform allows you to digitally sign documents by affixing the three main types of signatures: CAdES (all file types), PAdES (PDF format files) and XAdES (XML format documents).

In addition to signing, the app has a wide range of functions that enable comprehensive management of signed documents, which goes all the way to their regulatory storage. The client supports various signing scenarios, both in-person and remotely, enabling customers, suppliers and employees to sign anywhere, anytime, always with full legal validity.

App available in desktop and mobile versions

Key features are free, forever

Our solution Namirial Sign

Namirial Sign is a digital signature solution that also encompasses other functions. In addition to digitally signing multiple files at a time in any format, it allows you to affix time stamps; verify the validity of signed files; securely and encryptedly share files; activate cloud storage space; or send files for long-term preservation in accordance with regulations with 200 MB of space included.

Other features include: managing folders to sign; viewing, editing, converting and merging PDF files; converting files to PDF/A format; viewing XML and p7m files in advanced mode; signing multiple signature fields simultaneously; support for external clouds (GoogleDrive, One Drive, iCloud); and saving drafts.

Namirial Sign is available in a version with basic features that are always free and in a premium version with additional features for a fee.

All the advantages of our solution


Via SOAP or REST API. Available as on-premises, public SaaS or private Saas.


A simple and intuitive user interface to easily manage all functions in a few steps.


Customizable logo, colors, email templates, fields and signature options to suit your needs.


Available in desktop or web version, usable from Pc or smartphone. Device or remote signing.

Forever free

Use of basic functions is always free. You only pay for premium features.

Supports any signature

You can sign with Namirial remote signature or with a signature on any other operator’s device.

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Use cases


  • Long-term contracts
  • High-value sales contracts


  • Opening current accounts
  • KYC integration

GDO and Retail

  • Enforcement of terms and conditions of sale
  • Consumer consultation minutes

Human resources

  • Communication and agreement signing
  • Expat practice management


  • Contracts and agreements
  • Compliance directives


  • Approvals
  • Delegations of authority
  • Policy management
  • Risk assessments
  • Billing and payment authorizations