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Founded in 2000 in Senigallia, from the idea of ​​two visionary entrepreneurs who strongly believe in the digital transformation of business, Namirial is a multinational company that provides software solutions and digital trust services for the digitization of private sector companies and public administration organizations.

Namirial services and solutions are aggregated into a single platform that includes applications to identify and authenticate users, workflows to manage signatures, provide certificates for the generation of electronic signatures and electronic seals, procedures for long-term archiving, e-invoicing solutions and certified communications services.

Our Product Portfolio

We provide trusted & secure digital transactions and identification to our clients anytime, anywhere, guaranteeing speed, certainty and a frictionless experience through an innovative  service platform.

Digital Trust Services

Digital Trust Services, Namirial’s main business line, are an evolution of Digital Transaction Management (DTM). DTM is a rapidly growing product category that allows companies and institutions to completely eliminate paper flows. The adoption of the DTM allows to shorten the life cycle of transactions, to promote efficiency by eliminating all the costs of printing, delivery and management of paper and to support social and corporate responsibility. 

DTM is the enabling factor of digital transformation and Namirial is among the major international providers thanks to its eSignAnyWhere platform used every day by hundreds of thousands of users for a total of about 2 billion transactions per year.

Vertical Software Solutions

These are vertical solutions with the aim of digitizing customers with respect to market segments or business areas. In particular, Namirial’s offer consists of a series of applications intended for the world of accounting professionals and SMEs (Integrated management systems), software aimed at the Architectural Engineering Construction sectors (Building and Construction), innovative Cyber Assessment platform for SMEs, able to perform an organization’s cyber threat assessment (Cyber Defence) and a web platforms for the management of the activity cycle generated within the HR function (HR Management).

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Digital Trust Services by The Numbers


Transactions per year executed with Namirial SaaS solutions


Electronic certificates in 2021 year as a basis for eSignature / eSeal


E-Signatures created 2022 in cloud


Workplaces equipped for Handwritten Signature capture – including biometric characteristics


Biometric signature user profiles handled by Namirial customers


Documents Securely Stored in long-term archive


Certified communication transactions handled in 2022


Digital onboarding processes executed in 2022


Partners in the business area of digital trust services


Countries with customers using Namirial solutions


  • 2000

Namirial was born from the intuition of entrepreneurs Enrico Giacomelli and Claudio Gabellini with the original mission of digitizing the business processes of various types of professionals, with tailor-made vertical solutions for accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, etc.

  • 2015

Namirial acquires Xyzmo Software GmbH and SIGN-ficant Software Solutions GmbH. This operation allows Namirial to become an international player with multi-channel Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions legally valid throughout the European Union.

  • 2020

Ambienta SGR S.p.A., the largest European Private Equity fund focused on sustainability, enters the share capital of Namirial with a 70% stake. Thanks to this operation, Namirial is developing an ambitious growth strategy by strengthening the company organization and expanding its international presence. Read the complete news here.

  • 2021

Namirial acquires Netheos, French digital transaction leader, focused on remote identification and digital onboarding solutions. This operation will enhance company’s product portfolio, offering customer onboarding and KYC solutions and consolidates Namirial’s position in France and French speaking countries. Read the complete news here.

  • 2022

Namirial completes its first acquisition in Spain with Evicertia, Qualified Trust Service Provider headquartered in Madrid, Spain, that offers certified communication products to customers in the public and private sector on the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. Read the complete news here.

Namirial boosts the tech capabilities of the Group as well as its international presence thanks to the acquisition of Bit4ID, a specialized technology provider for digital identity and digital trust headquartered in Naples (Italy), with an important presence in the Spanish market through the Barcelona-based Uanataca S.A. Read the complete news here.

The M&A campaign continues, and Namirial acquires Agenzia Trotta, a highly specialised service provider for law firms, lawyers and accounting and tax professionals in executing administrative, procedural, financial and other telematic activities. Read the complete news here.

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