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Namirial supports the growth of companies and system integrators with a path developed for the enhancement of their projects and clients. A true strategic partnership, with which we provide the experience and expertise gained in the field of digital transformation.

With this program we support our partners in integrating the products and tools that are indispensable for offering their clients effective and productive process digitization. All this while always ensuring maximum simplicity and autonomy in the management of activities.


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More value to your portfolio

By joining our partnership program you will become part of a broad ecosystem in which you can benefit from interoperable applications and services designed to cover all stages of the digital transformation journey. We have developed dedicated and scalable paths that can meet even the most specific needs, putting the needs of all our partners and the demands of their customers first.

In addition, adopting our solutions will help you improve the ESG rating of your business. Digitizing information and automating processes not only leads to a significant increase in efficiency in your clients’ activities, but also results in a drastic reduction in paper use and CO2 emissions.

Possible solutions to integrate

From the dematerialization of paper documents to the digitization of signature processes: each product has a specific support area equipped with technical documentation, training courses, APIs and privileged contact channels.

Consent Management

Namirial Clickwrap is the integrable solution that allows you to manage every stage of the consent lifecycle: from the preparation of forms and contracts, to the collection and notarization of preferences and signatures.

Online Signature

eSignAnywhere is the integrable digital signature solution for businesses and professionals. It allows you to sign documents with full legal value and store them in maximum security, even from smartphones!

Certified Delivery

Our integrable solution allows you to send certified standard SMS and email and provides you with proof of electronic delivery even of attached documents, archiving and time-stamping evidence.

Electronic storage

Digitally and securely archive and store all your clients’ documents with Namirial Archive. A high-quality, 100% secure cloud service that can be fully integrated with your software.

Electronic Invoicing

Manage Electronic Invoicing to the Public Administration, Companies and Europe easily and securely. Send, receive and store electronic invoices with a stand-alone service or integrated with your management software.

Document Management

Bring order to your documents and those of your clients with Namirial Archive DMS: organize and share all documents digitally and securely. A high-quality cloud service, 100% secure and accessible even from mobile.

Sensitive data storage

Our Namirial Archive’s module allows you to normatively preserve documents containing Sensitive Data, thanks to more advanced encryption components. The simplest and most secure integrable solution for your clients handling health records and other sensitive data.

Order Sorting

OSN (Order Sorting Node), effective for companies from February 1, 2020, manages the digital exchange of orders between NHS companies and suppliers.

Corporate reporting

CreditRank is the comprehensive and immediate creditworthiness corporate reporting service that can be accessed directly in the Namirial Electronic Billing portal. It allows you to check the creditworthiness of business partners and verify outstanding payments.

Accounting Management

FinEase automates bank reconciliation and financial planning processes using artificial intelligence. By zeroing in on manual accounting management tasks, it allows reducing work time by up to 80 percent.

Why you should become a Namirial partner

Efficiency and progress

You will have at your disposal the most innovative solutions to simplify and speed up the activities of your clients, whether they are companies or individuals, offering efficient and state-of-the-art processes.

Comparison and networking

You will initiate strategic collaborations and benefit from business and technical synergies, to support your business and stay abreast of real market and user needs.


Together we will build the collaboration path best suited to your and your target market’s needs, tailoring the solutions and services to be integrated.

Complete training

We will accompany you through all stages of integration, supporting you with guides and training materials, dedicated webinars, and a team of professionals for technical and business support.

Security and interoperability

You will be able to carry out your activities with peace of mind, with the assurance that the integration of solutions always takes place in compliance with the most stringent international compliance requirements.

New opportunities

You will go on to expand your business by harnessing the potential of digital transformation, evolving and expanding your projects in improved logic and increasing the related revenues.