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Productivity and data security, simplifying processes

One of the most relevant aspects for any manufacturing company is the large amount of data and information it has to manage during its production process. A second aspect concerns the security of this data and all other important information, which must be protected from unauthorized access.

The proper digitization of operations is estimated to increase the productivity of manufacturing companies by 2.5 times, reducing environmental and health and safety incidents. Therefore, equipping oneself with technology solutions that help dematerialize processes, manage and analyze data, and increase cyber security is no longer an option, but becomes obligatory.


Increased productivity through digitization


Data and information always available and secure

Digital benefits

Optimization of flows, with simplification of workflows and more complex operations

Onboarding, authentication and signature integration with third-party systems (financing, split payment, loyalty) 

Reduction of the costs and time needed to obtain the finished product and get it to market

Secure archiving and regulation-compliant digital storage 

Digital management of contracts and internal or external document files, with electronic signature (HR, procurement, logistics) 

Our solutions for your business


The service that enables fully digital management of customer acquisition flows, in compliance with AML, KyC and Adequate Verification standards. 

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Remote signature

Our Digital Transaction Management allows you to create, share and sign digitally and with full legal validity any type of document, at any time and place and in different ways. Easily integrated into pre-existing systems via API, it simplifies and speeds up the management of all kinds of document workflows. 

Certified Communication

Managing certified communication workflows is a prerequisite for organizations that need to retain evidentiary evidence of document delivery and receipt and track the actions taken by message recipients. 

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Passwordless Authentication

Enables multi-factor passwordless authentication to simplify and secure employee, user and customer access to corporate resources. Existing devices can be used for the second factor authentication, in full compliance with European regulations and standards. 

Success stories

Logo Scilm

In Scilm Spa, paper documents were being photocopied multiple times, with a huge waste of paper. At best, after being scanned they were digitally archived on the Pc, with a huge waste of search time. Namirial Archive enabled digital document management, speeding up searches and reducing paper use. Interaction with the company’s ERP system enabled an approval flow for invoices payable, thanks to the retrieval of cost centers associated with suppliers. 

Logo Meccano Stampi

Meccanostampi Srl wanted to improve the efficiency of the company’s document collection and organization processes. By storing documentation on paper and files and managing it with non-integrable solutions, the time of many resources was spent in filing, searching and sharing information. By choosing the Namirial Archive suite, Meccanostampi reorganized corporate information and simplified document management.