How we explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence

In Namirial, Artificial Intelligence is already present in some solutions and in the future it will be increasingly integrated in each of our areas of activity.

As far as traditional AI is concerned, the automatic onboarding system in fact is based on machine learning and deep learning techniques, which within an online transaction allows to verify identity documents and perform biometric recognition of people.

In the area of generative AI, however, the latest major innovation introduced is the ability to receive a summary of the document to be signed, possibly translated into the language of the signer. It is like having a personal assistant with you at all times who, in your own language, explains in summary form what the document to be signed contains. Of course, this makes it possible to speed up workflows, again digitally without the use of paper.

Namirial AI Lab

Namirial AI Lab is the challenge launched in 2023 among the Group’s developers. The first edition took place June 14-15 in Milan, Italy, and brought developers from all Namirial locations together to confront each other on the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Starting with a brainstorming phase, leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies such as OpenAI and AWS technologies, they worked on the first realization of their ideas.

The goal of Namirial AI Lab, which will become an annual event for the group, is to leverage Artificial Intelligence to solve real-life problems, integrating AI into our operations to create innovative solutions for our products and improve our internal processes.