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Collect and manage user consents by integrating Namirial ClickWrap directly into your website

Consent Management

Managing informed consent is a crucial aspect of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union and other privacy laws around the world. Informed consent is required when collecting, processing, or using people’s personal data.

With the rise of online transactions, many companies are facing challenges related to consent collection and management.

Proper management of informed consent not only helps organizations to be compliant with privacy regulations, but also helps to build trusting relationships with customers and users by showing a commitment to respecting and protecting their privacy and personal information.

Create forms, enter clauses, collect consents and notarize evidence with blockchain technology

Integrate the solution on your websites and applications in a few steps via Application Programming Interface (API)

Our solution Namirial Clickwrap

Namirial Clickwrap makes it easy to collect and manage user consents in a variety of contexts. Based on blockchain technology, the solution ensures the highest level of data integration and security with the ability to consult the collected information at any time.

Management simplicity and ease of integration on websites and business applications allow for simplified consent management creating an effective and seamless user experience. Numerous forms and contracts can be managed with Namirial Clickwrap, from privacy and personal data processing for marketing and profiling purposes to contracts requiring an electronic signature.

The Namirial Clickwrap software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is particularly well suited to organizations that manage large volumes of consents. The software allows all stages of the consent lifecycle to be managed easily and effectively, ensuring on the one hand that legal disputes are reduced and on the other that efficiency and productivity are improved.

All the advantages of our solution 

Flexibility and customization

You can create, collect and search consents through a single dashboard that can be linked to your legal documentation.


Retention of consent and privacy settings for each user as required by current regulations.

Maximum Integration

Through exposed APIs, you can integrate and customize the solution into existing enterprise software.

Validity and security

Blockchain-based notarization creates a unique and unalterable digital fingerprint of collected information, in line with current regulations (GDPR, eIDAS).

Regulation-compliant archiving

All information, from consent, to data entered in a form, to a signed contract, is stored in blockchain and can be retrieved at any time.

Maximum sharing

The software ensures full sharing and synchronization of documents among all business areas that need to manage consents.

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Use cases

Privacy Consultants and DPOs

  • Social Media
  • Access to corporate networks
  • Privacy policies

Online sales

  • Online purchasing
  • Software subscriptions
  • Apps consent
  • Access and registration on websites
  • Terms and commercial agreements of an eShop

Legal and Compliance

  • Warranty contracts and damage claims
  • Licensing services
  • Agreements for banking transactions

Direct Marketing

  • Data collection in direct e-mail marketing (DEM) campaigns
  • Marketing agreements