Man at home desk carries out video recognition via webcam to become a new customer

Acquire and identify new customers with Namirial Onboarding solution

Remote Onboarding

To compete in an increasingly dynamic market in which expectations related to digital accessibility have increased, having a remote customer acquisition system that has the same guarantees and security as face-to-face methods is essential to delivering a perfect Customer Experience.

A woman performs facial recognition with her smartphone

Namirial Onboarding enables companies and institutions to manage customer acquisition flows totally digitally. The solution allows the online identification process to be carried out with the support of specialized operators, implementing all the steps required by the regulations within the Know-Your-Customer processes, from document verification to live proof collection.

Alternatively, the service allows users to discover the potential of self-onboarding: identification is carried out through the use of AI and biometrics or by leveraging certified digital identities already held by Italian users such as SPID/CIE/CNS.


Customer acquisition time compared to traditional systems


Kilograms of CO2 produced, due to reduction in paper and travel


Identification of your customers with self-service methods

Our Namirial Onboarding solution

Our Namirial Onboarding is the cloud-based solution designed to accelerate and simplify customer acquisition processes. Based on a very versatile technology that can be used with assistance or autonomously, the remote onboarding system is extremely flexible in how it is released, the procedures by which identification is carried out, and the features available.

The solution is accessible in a web version from different devices, with API integration or with on-premises installation. The platform offers different modes of user identification, self-served or operator-supported, designed to offer versatility and an intuitive and easy user experience.

Choose your new Customer Onboarding

Reduce fraud risk with our remote Know-Your-Customer and speed up identification procedures, carried out directly by the end user or through the support of an operator.

A man with smartphone identifies himself using his digital identity


With a certified digital identity (SPID, CIE or CNS), it is possible to proceed with identification independently and from your own device, without having to upload identity documents.

A woman with a smartphone identifies herself in self mode

Identification with Artificial Intelligence (Self-ID)

With Artificial Intelligence, data in the documents are captured, identity verification is performed and the user’s presence is certified, ensuring regulatory compliance.

A man identifies himself on the laptop with video recognition

Video recognition

Skilled operators oversee all steps required by KyC regulations, and the end user can conduct the online video session from any device.

A woman is identified in attendance by a receptionist

In-person identification

Namirial OnBoarding can also be used in cases where identification takes place in presence with a physical meeting between operator and client.

All the advantages of our solution

Maximum protection

Identity theft prevention with human and/or automated checks in compliance (KyC/PS2/AML/GDPR).

Process optimization

Cost minimization for the onboarding process, even remotely, without sacrificing security and legal validity.

Quick integration

You can quickly integrate onboarding to websites and services through our API (http RESTful).

Less risk and full compliance

Full compliance with privacy, GDPR and security standards, with cloud solutions and data infrastructure located in EU.

Flexible system

Identification is offered with different methodologies, user self-service and operator-led, as needed.


Ability to acquire only the required functionality and use it in conjunction with other Namirial services.

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Use cases


  • Online new policy signing and account activation
  • Remote policy renewal management
  • Digital agent onboarding and remote mandate signing


  • Online activation of accounts and services
  • In-branch account opening without printing and scanning
  • AML onboarding integrated with fintech solutions

Utilities & Telco

  • SIM portability with anti-fraud procedures
  • Activation of new utilities directly online
  • Acquisition of personal data in accordance with L.D. 144/2005, as amended

System integrator & Software house

  • Onboarding management with recognition via SPID/CIE
  • Document capture and liveness detection via API

Consumer credit

  • Online loan application with SPID/CIE
  • Certified master data for credit applicants

Gambling and Gaming

  • Master age verification to protect minors
  • Identification of users in compliance with AML/KyC regulations

Success Stories

Amplifon has speeded up network membership flows by physicians through a process of remote identification and issuance of advanced electronic signature for signing digital prescriptions for hearing aids.

Mediobanca Premier has managed to expand the methods of opening online accounts by combining compliance with the provisions on customer due diligence with the maximum legal validity of documents signed with FEQ (Qualified Electronic Signature), affixed in a simplified mode (without OTP).

Fastweb and Sky Mobile use the platform extensively to carry out customer identification, necessary for the activation of telephony and internet services, in an agile and fast manner