Integrates SPID/CIE authentication systems and revolutionizes online access to your services

Gateway for certified authentication

The Namirial ID Hub solution is specifically designed to enable Enterprises and Public Administrations to make their online services immediately accessible to users through the now widely used authentication via SPID/CIE.

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Namirial ID Hub allows SPID authentication to be integrated into web services in a few simple steps. Namirial ID Hub is a cloud service, designed to minimize the impact on existing systems and enable simple integration.

The implementation also includes a comprehensive side-by-side path to complete the bureaucratic process for accreditation as a SPID Service Provider or as an Aggregate, smoothly and without any difficulty.

The solution is able to manage all the structural, implementation and functional changes necessary to comply with the technical specifications defined by AgID, to which Service Providers (PAs and Enterprises) integrated in the Public Digital Identity System must comply in general.

AgID Compliance 

Secure authentication via public identification service

Easy Integration

Modular and scalable architecture to integrate into web services

Our Namirial ID Hub solution

The solution consists of two separate components: a plugin for the Single Sign On portal used, which handles integration with the access management tool, and a gateway that handles communications with SPID-accredited Identity Providers. The gateway acts as an intermediary between the Service Provider and the Identity Providers, interacting appropriately with both parties, using a stateless communication paradigm to ensure scalability and to be able to handle a large volume of users.

The interaction can be summarized in three steps:

  • The user logs in to the online service or is redirected to the SSO authentication portal;
  • The user clicks on “Log in with SPID,” “Log in with CIE”;
  • The integration form logs the user into the portal, bringing back the authentication information.

All the advantages of our solution


The product can be customized to handle different Single Sign On systems based on any technology.

Easy integration and high scalability

A modular architecture makes the platform easy to integrate and quickly scalable.


Integration does not require changes in authentication flows: the SPID/CIE login phase is transparent to the existing application.

AgID specification compliance

The Gateway can handle all structural, implementation and functional changes necessary to comply with the technical specifications defined by AgID.

Security Levels

The system allows you to choose from each of the three security levels defined for SPID authentication, corresponding to the levels specified in the international standard ISO-IEC 29115.

Support for accreditation as a SPID Service Provider

Our experience in integrating SPID authentication enables us to provide fundamental technical and administrative support for the entire process of accreditation as a SPID Service Provider.

Load balancing and high reliability

The solution uses a stateless communication paradigm and lends itself perfectly to a high reliability and load balancing configuration.

SAML V2 Compliant

Namirial ID Hub uses and fully supports the SAML v2 framework for the Web Browser SSO profile.

SPID Attribute Management

The solution allows in a few steps to select the list of attributes needed for online service, from those belonging to the user’s SPID digital identity.

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Use cases

Banking and Insurance

  • Identification for anti-money laundering and due diligence purposes
  • Access to the user area (home banking)
  • Account opening
  • Activation of policies and online services

Energy & Utilities

  • Activation of new utilities with certain identification and online signing of contracts and disclosures
  • Secure access to restricted area


  • Number portability procedure
  • New SIM activation
  • SIM replacement in case of theft or loss
  • SIM holder change in cases of takeover

E-commerce & Software House

  • Unique Login system and secure user identification for cybersecurity and anti-fraud purposes


  • Online check-in with certified data and identity

Human Resources

  • Contract signing
  • Hiring-related forms

Success Stories

Allianz – 4Care has chosen to redefine the identification process with the advantages offered by SPID: the wide deployment and the good balance between security and ease of use. The versatility and emphasis on user autonomy translate into distinctiveness of the company that sets an example for activation with certified data of insurance products online.

The banking operator operating in the auction house and art market managed, thanks to Namirial ID Hub, to extend authentication with SPID/CIE to the context of its SSO system, thanks to data propagation through standard OIDC/Oauth2 interfaces implemented by our service.