Strategic Innovation

Today’s research as a strategic lever for the future

We help our clients to optimize digital transformation processes by developing innovative solutions in which we put cutting-edge entrepreneurial spirit, quality of inventions, and ability to innovate.
We adopt best innovation practices in our production processes, which become benefits and competitive advantages for clients who use our services. Organization, production processes and the people we work with: ours is all-round innovation.

Awards for our ability to innovate

We benchmark ourselves against best practices in innovation and are rewarded for how we implement them every day.

Prize of Prizes 2023

The National Innovation Award – Prize of Prizes was established by mandate of the President of the Italian Republic at the National Foundation for Technological Innovation COTEC and is promoted annually by the Prime Minister’s Office as part of the National Innovation Day.
We were awarded for how innovation is grafted into all our business processes and distilled into products with a competitive advantage.

Smau Innovation Award 2019

This award for companies that carry out the best innovation projects was given to us for EUCLID, a project in which we studied the integration of digital identity and distributed ledger systems. We were innovators in 2017 when we thought about this development. Today it is an acquired element in European industry legislation.

Best Practices for Innovation Award 2019

The “Banca Sella” Award organized by Confindustria Salerno was presented for product innovation. We created the first digital identity token that can be connected to a smartphone for a secure and mobile digital identity.

Forum PA Award 2017

At Forum PA 2017, we won the award for a paperless PA with our system for managing and planning complex signature processes.

Our innovation network is open

In the search for innovative solutions we have an ongoing dialogue with universities, research centers and world-class experts, participating in numerous national and international research projects. We are consultants to the most important intergovernmental entities with whom we define the scenarios of the future.

We write the standards for tomorrow’s technologies

We work with the most important international organizations in technology. We are members and founders of standardization committees and international associations in which we actively participate in writing standards, guidelines and technical specifications that regulate the industries in which we operate and the technologies we develop. Our products are already designed for tomorrow’s world.