Remotely authenticate users and eliminate the risk of fraud with a combination of AI and human, 24/7, with a response in less than two minutes.

Identity verification

Identity verification is an essential procedure in all contexts where it is necessary to ensure the identity of the customer and the conformity of his documents. Furthermore, it is essential to comply with anti-fraud regulations and ensure the correct execution of operations.

Woman performs identity verification with artificial intelligence

Thanks to the combination of innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence, combined with human intervention, it is possible to remotely authenticate customers and users in real time, performing document verification and facial recognition of owners.

Based on the specific needs of each company, identity verification can be carried out in different ways, choosing from the different technological solutions available. All solutions guarantee complete protection from the threats of counterfeiting and identity theft, ensuring businesses achieve a high level of security and full regulatory compliance while increasing conversion rates.

Protect your business from the risk of user identity fraud

Simplify operations and save energy for your business, respecting every regulation

Our solution for identity verification

Namirial identity verification solutions use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning to analyze over 350 types of ID cards, passports and driving licenses from around the world.

The verification occurs with the user who uploads a photo of the document, checks its quality and sends it, receiving the outcome of the automatic check carried out by the artificial intelligence in real time. The control can also include passive or active facial recognition. Furthermore, live video acquisition of the document and specific verification for KYC regulations are possible.

In the event of suspected fraud, the company receives a backoffice alert, while the user does not notice anything. All Namirial solutions offer automated processes and a simplified user experience. 

All the advantages of our solution

Wide range of documents supported

Our solutions can automatically verify more than 350 different types of international ID cards, passports and driving licenses.

High recognition and reading rates

Our proprietary OCR and machine learning technologies boast the best document recognition and reading rates.

Significant time reduction

Document analysis and identity verification occurs in seconds, reducing the time required to authenticate users.

Saving resources and costs

Automation eliminates manual tasks and allows human resources to focus on other aspects of the business, with positive effects on costs.

Different levels of automation

The availability of different verification systems allows you to precisely define the degree of control automation you want.

Multichannel solutions

All the solutions are accessible from any device and do not require any application downloads.

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Use cases

Banks and Insurance

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Process automation
  • Better user experience
  • Identity verification
  • Protection from fraud and identity theft

Real estate

  • Centralized document management compliant with the GDPR
  • 100% digital onboarding solution for leasing

Public administration

  • Accessibility for citizens
  • Digital identity and verification of identity documents 
  • Physical user validation via facial recognition 


  • Strong user identification
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations

Transport and tourism

  • Simplify and facilitate the booking and boarding processes
  • Better user experience 
  • Safe and easy document review 

Software House

  • Digitalization of processes
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Better user experience
  • Protection from document fraud

Online gaming

  • Consumer safety and protection
  • Better user experience

Success Stories

The Vertuloo rental document platform is dedicated to property managers on the French market. Using artificial intelligence, it offers an automatic and real-time check of the authenticity and correctness of documents and generates a safe and pragmatic analysis of the solvency of potential tenants. The integration of Namirial’s solution in document verification, combined with the checks developed by Bessé, has made it possible to build a coherent and efficient set of control systems. 

A pioneer in the French insurance market, it stands out for its partnership strategy that strengthens the historic offer with digitalized underwriting processes. The stipulation of regulated products requires electronic signature and sending of supporting documents (DDA, KYC, solvency…). The risk was receiving incomplete and/or non-compliant files, as well as a frequent abandonment rate. With a quick implementation, the Namirial login method made it possible to combine KYC and user experience. 

Financial company controlled by Société Générale, sells consumer credit and offers 100% online loans. Digital transactions are at the heart of its customer strategy, with a fully digital application process powered by Namirial. Combining electronic signature and KYC, the solution enables automatic receipt verification using artificial intelligence and helps optimize customer experience, control fraud and ensure regulatory compliance.