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Choose from innovative tokens, smart cards and readers to sign while always having the security guaranteed by Namirial devices

Digital identity devices

All Namirial devices provide the best user experience for digital signatures or authentication, thanks to intuitive features and designs that are the result of our comprehensive process knowledge and expertise.

Smiling woman uses a digital signature device

Digital signature devices can be used both to digitally sign a computer document and to enable the signature holder to authenticate her- or himself, for example, to access specific online services. This is made possible by the presence in the devices of digital certificates that carry the data of the signature holder, certifying his or her identity and enabling him or her to sign or authenticate with full legal force.

The devices are divided into three types: USB tokens, smart cards and smart card readers. The first two are hardware products that have a microchip on which the digital certificate is stored. To extract and read the data it contains, the smart card must be inserted into or brought close to a smart card reader connected to the PC. The USB token, on the other hand, is a unique device that allows the certificate data to be read by simply plugging it into a USB port on the Pc.

Get the best performance in digital signature and authentication operations with the most advanced technologies

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Our solution signature devices

Namirial digital signature devices combine innovation and ease of use. Complying with every security standard, they are compatible with major operating systems without the need to install any additional drivers, thus ensuring a fast and intuitive user experience.

The smart card can be used to sign legally valid digital documents or to authenticate to online services (such as PA services or home banking). To sign with a smart card, simply connect a smart card reader to the PC, install and launch the free NamirialSign software, upload the file, connect the smart card to the reader, and enter the associated PIN.

The USB Token connects directly to the computer. Again, NamirialSign must be installed. Namirial’s innovative Bluetooth Token adds Bluetooth technology to the USB connection so it can also be used from a smartphone or tablet.

Different types of devices

A complete range to choose how to sign

A person with laptop and USB token


USB stick, also Bluetooth, to use digital certificate from PC or mobile device. Also with internal memory to upload files without leaving a trace on computers.

Woman holds a smart card in her hand


Shaped like a credit card, light and thin, contact or contactless, it has a microchip on the surface that contains the digital certificate.

A female hand holds a smart card close to a reader


Device that allows the smart card and the data it contains to be read by decoding the microchip.