Meet Namirial at the HAFS Workshop 2024

The Hellenic Association of Forensic Scientists (H.A.F.S.) is organizing a workshop on “Biometric Signature as a Secure Means of Securing Transactions”, in which Namirial is participating as a sponsor. The H.A.F.S. is a non-profit association consisting of forensic specialists and technical consultants, among others, which is committed to promoting and developing applied forensic laboratory sciences (forensic sciences).  

The workshop will approach the topic of “biometric signatures” not only from a forensic but also from a legal perspective, both as a means of securing transactions and with regard to the use of such solutions in real environments (banking sector, government structures, etc.). 

Digitally Captured Signatures a.k.a. Biometric Signatures have been introduced in various formats over the last decade. Namirial is one of the leading solution providers for taking handwritten signatures seriously and delivering trusted signature experiences with meaningful evidence in signed documents. Therefore Namirial is offering the broadest device support for handwritten biometric signature capturing including the option for automatic signature verification for data captured using various device types, all officially certified in its labs. 

Forensic handwriting experts use physical-technical processes to examine handwriting performance, particularly through comparative analysis that takes into account factors such as authenticity, authorship, possible modifications, and temporal placement. 

Luigi Enrico Tomasini, expert for digitally captured signatures from Namirial, and Antony Skarlatos, Key Account Manager, will participate in the workshop and will be available for questions and individual advice. As part of the event, Antony Skarlatos will deliver also a presentation speech detailing our experience in the field of biometric signatures, supported by examples from our implementation projects in Greece. During the event, we invite you to visit our booth, where our latest signature pad devices will be demonstrated. 

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