Meet Namirial at IDnext  

IDnext event is one of Europe’s leading independent, interdisciplinary, unbiased and European conferences focusing on Digital Identity, bringing together worldwide experts, innovators and key players. The event is organized by Dutch IDnext association in a combination of a fixed and free-form un-conference format with space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, interaction, discussion and creativity. 

The IDnext conference, themed “The state of Identity”, will address all aspects of these developments, including privacy, trust, inclusion, data, AI, ethics, security, social and safety.  

A special focus in the 2023 edition of th IDnext event is set on the ongoing revision of EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identity and trust services (eIDAS). On 8 November 2023, the European Parliament and the European Council reached a provisional agreement on the revision. The co-legislators agreed on:  

  • the e-signatures: the wallet will be free to use for natural persons by default, but member states may provide for measures to ensure that the free-of-charge use is limited to non-professional purposes  
  • the wallet’s business model: the issuance, use and revocation will be free of charge for all natural persons  
  • the validation of electronic attestation of attributes: member states shall provide free-of-charge validation mechanisms only to verify the authenticity and validity of the wallet and of the relying parties’ identity  
  • the code for the wallets: the application software components will be open source, but member states are granted necessary leeway so that, for justified reasons, specific components other than those installed on user devices may not be disclosed  
  • consistency between the wallet as an eID means and the underpinning scheme under which it is issued has been ensured 


Provisional Agreement – Official Document:
European Parliament: Download of Provisional Agreement (PDF)
Press releases regarding the Provisional agreement by
European Commission: Commission welcomes final agreement on EU Digital Identity Wallet
Council of the European Union: European digital identity: Council and Parliament reach a provisional agreement on eID
European Parliament: EU-wide digital wallet: MEPs reach deal with Council 

Technical work will continue to complete the legal text in accordance with the provisional agreement. When finalised, the text will be submitted to the member states’ representatives for endorsement. Subject to a legal/linguistic review, the revised regulation will then need to be formally adopted by the Parliament and the Council before it can be published in the EU’s Official Journal and enter into force. It is currently expected that the revised regulation may be published in March 2024.   

From 2026, EU member states will be required to provide a wallet for digital identities in which they can link their national digital identity with proof of other personal attributes (e.g. driving license, diplomas, bank account, etc.). This could simplify numerous processes. Work is currently underway on the technical details, standards and best practices for providing attributes and functions for the wallet. Namirial is involved together with others in one of the Large Scale Pilots (LSP) for the application of a digital wallet for European digital identities (European Digital Wallet, EUDIW).
News about Namirial’s involvement in the POTENTIAL consortium 

Jörg Lenz from Namirial will join the event as a speaker and panelist in the session on “State of Identity – eID, Wallets and Vaults” together with Esther Makaay, Annet Steenberger and John Erik Setsaas from 11.15 to 12.30 am. They will be looking into the fragmented landscape of remote identification and digital identities and some of the challenges in this market for trust service providers on various levels. Parts of the discussion will reflect indicators of national policy decisions if eIDAS2 might bring more or less harmonization, the status and future of the Architecture Reference Framework (ARF) and what will be missing in this until further notice and much, much more.  

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