Recording of “Printec eSignature Briefing 2021” feat. Allianz and Eurobank

Vladislav Roussev, CEO, Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company, presented how launching their eSignature platform helped Allianz to improve the way they do business in multiple levels: making customer onboarding easier and faster, simplifying their own operations, and achieving greater visibility throughout the process. When COVID-19 changed the whole business landscape, this solution allowed Allianz to remain active and competitive.

Ilias Giannopoulos, Head of Group IT Physical Channels Systems Division, Eurobank Greece, explained how Eurobank adopted eSignature, achieved a paperless branch network in replacing handwritten signatures by digital in every document signed and gradually moved into the digital world with qualified eSignatures for contracts through eBanking. Details were provided on the business objectives / benefits, legal / procedural obstacles faced, how Eurobank got over them and some statistics / feedback on customer acceptance.

Moreover, Adrian Dinculescu discussed the most attractive use cases for your organization and cover the basics of eSignature, including signature types, legal framework, benefits and risks.

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