Insurance – Using Advanced Electronic Signatures on claims & life / health contracts     

Antonis Tsaknakis, Digital Transformation Director of Ergo Hellas, talks about the effect of adapting Advanced electronic signatures on claims & life / health contracts, leading to a customer and employee satisfaction by signing electronically the proof of claim with one click.  

Learn about: 

  • Role of e-signature in ERGO Digital Transformation Strategy; 
  • Typical e-Signature workflow; 
  • How a leading insurance company with the use of e-signature customizes customer journey  

ERGO Hellas with a presence of more than 30 years in the Greek market is a member of one of the major insurance groups in Europe. ERGO Hellas with an extensive network of 2.700 partners and more than 1 million active customers, offers a comprehensive spectrum of insurance, provision and services. 

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