Namirial Long-term archiving accredited for integration in Romania

(BUCHAREST / SENIGALLIA) – 9 February 2023 – Strongdox, the Namirial solution for Long-term archiving has been accredited by the Authority for the Digitisation of Romania for the administration of electronic records. 

The Namirial solution for long-term archiving Strongdox is part of Namirial’s portfolio for document management. The solution is used by companies in the private sector as well as in public administration. With Strongdox, electronic documents of material, informal cultural or historical value can be permanently preserved and retention obligations fulfilled. The documents are stored securely, protected from manipulation and can be made available at any time if required. 

Economic operators in Romania are obliged by laws in their respective field of doing business such as  finance, accounting, health and safety at work, etc. to safely archive a series of internal and external documents for a certain period of time. Use cases requiring secure electronic archiving are:

  • Ride sharing – all data related to a ride
  • Third party remote identification – all data related to an identification process

Companies that are creating documents in electronic format are obliged to archive them in the same format with the specifications of the law 135/2007 – in a legal(accredited by ADR) electronic archive. The archiving activity at the physical level is carried out on the basis of Law no. 16 of 1996, as well as order 217 of the National Archives, which establish the legal framework.

The activity of electronic archiving of documents is based on Law 135 of 2007, as well as on the complementary orders that fully regulate this process (Orders 489, 493, 585, 1167 of the MCSI, Law 455/2001 on the electronic signing of documents, as well as Law 451 of 2004 regarding time marking). Together they create an ecosystem where operators can safely submit their documents to electronic archive administrators.

Romanian authorities are strongly encouraging businesses to implement paperless policies and leverage electronic records in order to deal efficiently with record keeping requirements and lower archiving and retrieval costs. More than 20 companies have been accredited by Romanian authorities to provide administration of electronic records with Namirial being the latest addition. 

The latest version of the register of electronic archive administrators, including listing of Namirial’s Romanian subsidiary Namirial Srl, can be accessed on the website of the Authority for the Digitisation of Romania (Autoritatea pentru Digitalizarea României, ADR), a structure with legal personality within the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitisation, in the section “Registrul administratorilor de arhive electronice” on the Authority for the Digitisation of Romania’s website page listing information on data center and electronic archiving
🔗 Autoritatea pentru Digitalizarea României: Centre de date. Arhivare electronică

In Italy, the Namirial long-term archiving solution has already been an officially accredited solution for several years according to the requirements of the Agency for Digital Italy (Agenzia per l’Italia digitale, AgID). In Austria the solution has recently received the Ö-Cloud quality seal.

About Namirial  

Namirial is accredited as a provider of qualified trust services according to the EU Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS and significantly supports the digitalisation of processes in both private business and public administration. Namirial’s customers simplify their processes, benefit from greater efficiency and shorten their turnaround times. The company offers solutions for software-as-a-service (SaaS) in a public and a private cloud, as well as for operation in its own data center.  

Together with its international network of over 150 strategic partners, Namirial serves over three million customers worldwide and processes several million transactions daily. Namirial was founded in 2000 in Senigallia, Italy, and today has offices in 18 countries with 820 employees..

About Namirial in Romania 

Namirial Srl, based in Bucharest and headed by Managing Director Adrian Dinculescu, has been a subsidiary of Namirial S.p.A. since the end of 2015. Namirial’s portfolio is continuously adapted to the specific needs of the Romanian market. An experienced team from Bucharest looks after the rapidly growing number of customers, partners and interested parties in Romania. Customers in Romania include Banca Transilvania, BCR, BRD Société Générale, Orange and Raiffeisen Bank. 

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