Namirial Introduces Clickwrap: Streamline Consent and Contract Management for a Seamless Online Experience

(Milan / Senigallia) June 22, 2023 – Namirial, a leading provider of digital transaction management solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of Namirial Clickwrap. This innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers businesses a comprehensive solution for creating and managing agreements to obtain user consent or refusal in various contexts. Clickwrap simplifies the consent and contract lifecycle, empowering companies to achieve operational autonomy and minimize legal risks while delivering a seamless user experience.

Namirial Clickwrap allows to create a wide range of agreements, such as consent for personal data processing (Privacy Policy), personal data processing for marketing and profiling purposes, conditions of use of online services and software, contracts for which a simple electronic signature is sufficient (utilities, insurance, etc.).

Namirial Clickwrap caters to businesses that heavily interact with users and customers online, as well as those who provide essential services and technology for establishing a legitimate and professional online presence. With its intuitive user interface and exceptional user experience, Clickwrap is ideal for simplifying and accelerating the management of consent and online contracts. By leveraging this powerful solution, businesses can protect their interests, reduce legal disputes, and maintain high conversion rates without compromising the user experience.

Namirial Clickwrap ensures the highest level of data integrity and security as it incorporates blockchain technology. By leveraging blockchain notarization, Clickwrap creates a unique and unmodifiable digital fingerprint of collected information, providing unparalleled trust and reliability in the market. This innovative approach aligns with GDPR and eIDAS directives, complying with regulatory standards for data organization, processing, and protection. With Namirial Clickwrap, businesses can embrace the future of digital innovation and leverage blockchain’s tamper-proof, decentralized, and distributed nature to revolutionize their consent and contract management processes.

Key Benefits of Namirial Clickwrap:

  • Full Control of Legal Content: Easily manage content and eliminate dependencies among company departments, reducing manual operations through an intuitive management panel.
  • Comprehensive Information Sharing: Publish concise content and include links to comprehensive legal documents, ensuring all necessary material is readily available to users and customers.
  • Lean Process: Create, customize, and update online content quickly using the powerful text editor, enhancing efficiency in consent and contract management.
  • Secure Archiving: Archive content securely and reliably, validate and certify consent with timestamping, and comply with all legal obligations.
  • Rapid Publication and Integration: Seamlessly integrate consent forms into your website by pasting a generated code string. Additionally, effortlessly integrate Namirial Clickwrap with other business applications.
  • Version History: Keep track of consent and contract evolution with an effective versioning system, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.

Namirial Clickwrap has already been embraced by leading companies in various industries., a prominent Italian online comparison service, has successfully utilized Clickwrap to notarize agreements for their partners. Namirial Clickwrap transformed agreement management process, ensuring the highest level of security and integrity. Since its first introduction in the process it has rationalized their operations, saving time and resources while enhancing the overall experience for their partners.

“Namirial Clickwrap empowers businesses to streamline consent and contract management, creating a seamless online experience for their users and customers,” said Davide Coletto CTO at Namirial. “We are excited to offer a cutting-edge solution that simplifies complex processes, enhances legal compliance, and embraces the potential of blockchain technology.”

Namirial is present today at the AWS Summit Milano 2023. The collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) will allow businesses to access Namirial Clickwrap through the AWS Marketplace, further expanding its availability and accessibility to a wide range of organizations.

Meet the Namirial team in Milan to learn more about how Namirial Clickwrap can benefit your business.

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