Meet Namirial at Smart and Safe Work event

Smart and Safe Work is an event organized by the platform which offers domain experts the possibility to utilize modern work tools in their business by reducing material resources and time costs, while at the same time increasing the quality of their services, giving them the opportunity and the ability to organize their SSM work efficiently, easily, and practically.

The event aims to bring together professionals, specialists, involved in the field of Occupational Safety and Health in order to share knowledge, examples of good practice and last but not least to present latest trends found at national and international level in terms of OSH.

Why should one participate in this event?

  • Modern practices and methods used in Occupational Safety and Health and new and future trends will be presented.
  • There will be presentations and discussions on legislative changes in OSH that employers and workers need in their daily work
  • Nationally and internationally renowned guests and speakers will share their expertise.
  • For the substantial number of specialists, experts and consultants from various fields who are present at the events to help you find solutions and answers to the problems and challenges you face.
  • There will be Q&A sessions where you can ask questions that you want answered clearly and concisely.
  • And finally, Namirial will be present to highlight how our services can be a great asset in the OSH field.