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In 2024 the interplay between remote identity proofing and qualified digital trust services gets exceptional attention. The EU Regulation 2024/1183 establishing and European Digital Identity Framework and amending EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS) entered into force May 20, 2024.

The revised regulation represents a clear paradigm shift for Digital Identity in Europe: People and businesses across European Union (EU) and of the European Economic Area (EAA) will have universal access to secure and trusted electronic identification and authentication. We will be looking into how business can securely digitize processes in regulated industries and in the public sector today, ready open for opportunities arising from this new regulation.

EU Regulation 2024/1183 (“eIDAS2”) mandates member states of EU & EEA to provide their citizens and businesses with digital wallets that can link national digital identities with proof of other personal characteristics (e g. driver’s license, qualifications, bank account). Citizens can thus prove their identity and easily share electronic documents from their digital wallets via their smartphone. Member states also will have to accept European Digital Identity Wallets (EUDIW) from other member states. These wallets will allow all citizens to access online services with their national digital identification, without using private identification methods or having to share personal data unnecessarily.

In October 2024, work on implementing acts for the EU Digital Identity Wallet including Electronic Attribute Attestations which must be completed by November 21, 2024, will be in full swing. Implementing Acts on additional qualified trust services such as electronic archiving, management of remote qualified electronic signature creation, validation of advanced electronic signatures based on qualified certificates and electronic ledgers are under construction too with a deadline six months later – May 21, 2025.

The political goal is to propel the adoption of electronic identity in the second half of this decade, enabling 100% of EU citizens having access to digital ID by 2030. The success of the European Digital Identity Framework is not being fully guaranteed and further delays may occur. Access and actual usage of digital ID may vary a lot. In 2023 88 per cent of German citizens owning an ID card use had their electronic identities activated while only 14 per cent of card owners used their electronic identity (data from eGovernment monitor by Initiative D21). Putting all bets on a successful adoption of the European Digital Identity might be not a good idea. 

Neither is to sit and wait until the effects of the European Digital identity Framework may unfold a serious option for the private sector which is facing increasing pressure to digitize. Customer expectations, cost and competition pressure and exposure to fraud attempts don’t allow delaying digitization efforts until the effects of the new regulation.

Consequently, the Namirial team at it-sa will be supporting organizations in finding their best approach for integration of digital trust services achieving both: A quick ROI in 2024/25 thanks to tailored integrations and a rock-solid, future proof technology basis ready to reap the benefits of the European Digital Identity Framework.

One of the many Namirial partners embarking for this pragmatic approach is Your Secure Cloud

📰  Read more about how cloud providers benefit from integrating digital trust serivces and the partnership with Your Secure Cloud as a best practices example

At it-sa 2024 Your Secure Cloud and Namirial team up for a joint booth in hall 9 at booth 9-343. The Namirial team consist of Habib Bejaoui, Head of Sales Germany, Jörg Lenz, Head of Marketing and Communications, and Daniel Peischl, Sales Account Executive. Our additional service for you: We are distributing a limited number of tickets. To obtain one of these and arrange a consultation appointment, please send an e-mail to

Familiarize with options how to make simplicity meeting compliance and to transform business processes digitally in a secure and trustworthy manner.

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