Meet Namirial at Forum Banca 2023

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Namirial is delighted to once again be a prominent participant as both a speaker and sponsor at this year’s Forum Banca event, one of the most significant annual gatherings in the international financial scene. This event serves as a pivotal platform for leaders in the IT, Digital, and Innovation sectors, all of whom share the common vision of revolutionizing the fintech industry.

On October 4th, a gathering of over 800 expected participants will have the exciting opportunity to explore, exchange experiences, and gain fresh insights. The event will feature a distinguished lineup of over 100 speakers, who are leading innovators in the industry. Additionally, there will be more than 70 banking case studies showcased, representing both national and international contexts.

The 16th edition of Forum Banca will focus on the following key themes:

  • Customer & Experience: exploring the evolution of Phygital Experience and innovative product and service proposals.
  • Tech & Digital Innovation: showcasing practical applications of cutting-edge technology in real-world scenarios.
  • Data Governance & Cybersecurity: shedding light on data architecture, preemptive measures against cyber threats, and the emergence of cybersecurity as a critical frontier in operational risk.
  • Extended Ecosystem & Platform Economy: analyzing the digitization of processes to meet the ever-changing demands of the business world, including topics like RPA, IPA, and low code platforms.
  • ESG Revolution: addressing the challenges and opportunities related to data collection and the risk of greenwashing.

We are also excited to announce the presence of Namirial’s CEO, Max Pellegrini, and Antonio Taurisano, Managing Director of International Markets, at this year’s event. At 10:55, Max Pellegrini will discuss the significance of ESG pillars and the design approaches adopted by major Italian banking groups to promote sustainable development. Following that, at 12:55, Antonio Taurisano will present insights into optimizing and streamlining internal banking processes through the leveraging of AI and blockchain technologies.

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