Meet Namirial at Future-Law Digital E-Signature Day 2024 

Future-Law’s “E-Signature Day” is addressing stakeholders in the legal, human resources and sales departments in enterprises and public administration on how they can use electronic signatures or how to further optimize and expand their applications. 

In a series of sessions, lawyers, providers and users will provide information on how to quickly and easily sign without paper. This involves numerous practical questions in detail. 

Klaus Fellner, Managing Director of Namirial Austria, has been supporting the introduction and optimisation of the use of electronic signatures in companies in Austria and worldwide for over a decade. His clients in Austria include Allianz, the Raiffeisen Group, and UniCredit Bank Austria. Klaus Fellner will once again be sharing his expertise at the Future-Law E-Signature Day 2024.   

One of the most important future topics at the conference will be regulatory changes relating to the use of electronic signatures: in the second and third quarters of 2024, the implementing acts for the revision of EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services (#eIDAS) will be prepared and work will continue on the technical details, standards and best practices.   

From autumn 2026, citizens in all EU member states will have the right to use digital wallets with their national digital identities (“EU Digital Identity Wallet”) and to link their identities with proof of other personal attributes (e.g. driving licence, certificates, bank account, etc.). While Austria is already well on its way with ID Austria, also those that do not yet use such a government issued eID have to be included in a user friendly way.  

Klaus Fellner will shed light on what is state of the art in 2024 for capturing qualified electronic signatures of even yet unregistered users that do not even own an eID yet in the session starting at 10.30 am.  

Companies today need solutions that enable them to implement such eKYC and e-signature processes quicky to keep costs low and to remain competitive. In the course of the pandemic, solutions for individual and simple use cases were quickly integrated in some, which are now proving to be isolated solutions and in some cases even have compliance issues as they only provide e-signatures on a lower than the “qualified” level.     

More and more Austrian companies are therefore relying on Namirial’s qualified trust services that are well integrated in its process orchestration solution for their highly regulated use cases, which also includes user identity verification (aka eKYC or legitimisation), signature, secure document delivery and archiving at a qualified level.   

The session “Future-proofing digital processes for identification and signatures (eIDAS 2.0 ready)” will provide specific practical tips for optimising customer identification processes and integrating electronic signatures. The technical, legal and security-related aspects and how and when the new opportunities arising from the eIDAS revision are likely to be utilised will be highlighted. 

The Namirial team is also available for individual consultation during and after the event. 

Recordings of last two editions of Future Law E-Signature Days (in German language) 


▶ ️ Electronic signature 2023 – What you need to know now 

  • How to identify your requirements for your e-signature project  
  • Mastering the balancing act between user-friendliness and high evidential value   
  • European electronic identity for process optimization in e-signatures 
  • Use of accounts for A-Trust Handysignatur or other trust service providers in signature workflows 
  • Fully automated ident procedures for FES and QES without having to wait for an agent 
  • Consent forms – alternative to e-signature: Clickwrap  
  • Evidentiary delivery of messages across multiple channels   
  • Best practice examples for e-signature integration from Austria 2024 


▶ ️ “Electronic Signature – Tips from Practice”

  • Best practice examples for the integration of e-signature from Austria.  
  • Mastering the balancing act between user-friendliness and high evidential value   
  • Integration of Auto-Ident / Selfie Ident procedures – especially with QES 
  • Integrating the certificates of different trust service providers into signature processes 
  • Recognising and successfully replacing isolated solutions for e-signatures 
  • Cross-border signing with contractual partners outside the European Union 
  • Electronic signature in interaction with digital identities in Europe 

The organizer Future-Law is Austria’s leading independent platform for legal tech and digitization in the legal sector. 

This event series is held in German language.   

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