Meet Namirial at Bitkom eIDAS Summit 2024

The Bitkom eIDAS Summit is one of the most important conferences on practical use of trust services in the private sector and public administration in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services – eIDAS. The 2023 edition brought together more than 1000 active participants.  

The 2024 edition of Bitkom eIDAS Summit will be providing insights of best practices using remote ID proofing, digital identities, various means of authentication, electronic certificates for creating electronic signatures and seals, time stamping services, electronic registered delivery services and more elements of the eIDAS services as available today. It will also provide an update on progress in technical standardization as well as some deep dives into legal requirements.     

The summit will be providing a comprehensive update on the progress and remaining hurdles of the far-reaching revision of the eIDAS Regulation including the legal framework for digital identity wallets. From 2026 citizens should be enabled to link their national digital identity with evidence of other personal attributes (e.g. driver’s license, diplomas, bank account, etc.). A neutral, cross-application ecosystem should enable the interaction of the providers of identification procedures and administrators of digital identities with the established trust services. 

Together with the Bitkom team, other leading trust services solution providers, solution integrators and pioneering customers the Namirial team is excited to prepare and execute the 7th edition of this unique summit series. 

At the Bitkom eIDAS Summit 2023 on May 10, the leading online conference on Digital Trust & Identity, the focus by Klaus Fellner and Jörg Lenz in their presentation was set on digital processes and how they are an indispensable part of our everyday working lives because they make processes faster, more convenient and our work more efficient. Both customers and business partners expect interactions with companies to be as simple as possible. To achieve this, it is essential to digitize workflows so that we can also work efficiently and cost-effectively – even across national borders. This is where the eIDAS Regulation comes in, which sets out how companies, i.e. employers, and employees can easily cross geographical borders thanks to electronic identification and signature solutions, while at the same time being legally secure, transparent and efficient. 

As one of the few truly pan-European trust service providers with many global and multinational customers like Allianz, Daimler and Raiffeisen the Namirial Group has broad experience in today’s challenges of using trust services for signature workflow and digital onboarding processes orchestration and how to solve them.   


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