Access Webinar Recording E-Signature in Insurance feat. Allianz

On-Demand Webinar on e-Signature adoption feat. Allianz

Access this webinar to hear:

Allianz system architect Florian Vondal illustrating how Allianz Group improves agreement signing experiences for all stakeholders – customers, brokers, and their own executives – along the entire customer journey, from acquisition to contracting and servicing.

Learn about:

  • Role of e-signature in Allianz Digital Transformation Strategy;
  • Integration of e-signature in Allianz core business process platform ABS;
  • Vendor selection criteria;
  • Requirement Identification;
  • Use case example;
  • Typical e-Signature workflow;
  • Benefits and project results

Download the detailed document with answers to all questions provided during registration and during the live event.

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