World Password Day: Namirial launches passwordless authentication solution

Senigallia, 4th May 2023 – Namirial, on the World Password Day, officially launches Namirial SafeAccess, a new platform for passwordless authentication, designed to guarantee secure access to PC workstations and corporate applications.

The solution is based on FIDO2 standards and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), and is aimed at companies that want to increase IT security and reduce operating costs. According to data from the Verizon DBIR Data Breach Investigations Report 2008-2022, 93% of system penetration cases are due to password theft. Namirial SafeAccess offers a solution to this problem, eliminating the need for passwords altogether and offering a multi-factor authentication solution tailored to each user. Users can choose their preferred device to access workstations such as smartphones, badges, FIDO devices, smartcards or tokens.

Namirial SafeAccess simplifies credential management and access to workstations and corporate applications by tracking logs and detecting threats. The suite offers credential lifecycle management from a graphical interface, is GDPR compliant and has several alternatives for handling cases of lost access devices. Furthermore, the modularity of the suite allows you to choose which components to install, ensuring maximum flexibility and integration in all areas and structures.

Namirial SafeAccess complies with the FIDO2 security standards issued by the FIDO Alliance, the largest association of companies committed to finding solutions to reduce the use of passwords.

The Namirial SafeAccess suite is made up of five different components, which can be implemented individually or fully integrated, making it suitable for all companies, regardless of their size:

  • Credential Provider: software for secure access to Windows workstations without using credentials, but in Passwordless and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) mode;
  • CMS (Credential Management System): a single portal for issuing credentials and centralised management of their lifecycle;
  • Enterprise SSO: solution for automatically authenticating users with a single strong credential (smart card, token, active directory);
  • Hylos: a scalable solution for centrally tracking logs and events from routers, PCs, servers and applications;
  • Wazuh: open source solution for security monitoring, threat and attack detection, integrity monitoring, contingency response and standards compliance.

Max Pellegrini, CEO of Namirial, commented: “Namirial SafeAccess is a revolutionary passwordless authentication solution that enables companies to securely access IT resources, simplifying credential management and reducing management costs. We are proud to present this solution, which represents a new step forward in our mission to support large and small businesses with innovative, high-quality solutions.

For more information on the Namirial SafeAccess platform and how to purchase it, please visit the related page on


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