Namirial Powering Award-Winning Consumer Financing Solution

Namirial partner Intesys, specialising in digital transformation consulting and bespoke solutions, has designed a completely new collaborative offering and selling experience for car dealers and their customers. The new solution of Santander Consumer Bank, one of the world’s leading consumer finance companies, is powered by various components of Namirial Digital Transaction Management platform including electronic signature. In July 2018 “Santander Consumer Bank Dealer Experience” won the Digital360 Award as best application for Customer Relations Management in marketing and sales.

Intesys integrated Namirial to allow car dealers and their customers are enabled to sign quick and secure electronically anytime anywhere on any device and for secure archiving of signed documents. Wet ink signing on paper is no longer required.

Thanks to Namirial technology Intesys managed to simplify the contracting procedure: Just two document need to be signed in the new digital process – a declaration of consent for digital storage and processing of private data and the financial offer itself. Capturing biometrics of handwritten signatures (“firma grafometrica”) and authentication via one-time password is providing sufficient evidence, equivalent to the old process on paper where three documents need to be signed.

The “Santander Consumer Bank Dealer Experience” was selected for 2018 Digital360 Award, the prestigious Italian digital innovation award, among 200 applications. The jury consisted of 73 CIOs of the most important companies of the country. Award winners are chosen based on innovation impact, measurable benefits and replicability.

By selecting the Intesys solution the jury recognized achievements like competitive advantage, enhanced customer experience, level of process improvement (e. g. reduced drop-out rates and acceleration of time-to-finance) and last, but not least, successful seamless integration into the bank’s IT ecosystem. The initial roll out of “Santander Consumer Bank Dealer Experience” is targeting 4,500 Santander Consumer Finance partners among car dealers in Italy.

Project challenges and solution concept of Santander Consumer Bank Dealer Experience – Intesys Website (in Italian)

– 2018 Digital360 Award – Media Release (in Italian)