Namirial joins Open-Banking-Ecosystem yes® as Electronic Signature Provider

(SENIGALLIA) – January 20, 2020 – Namirial today announced to join yes®, the Open-Banking-Ecosystem that launched in Germany in 2019, as provider of certificates for electronic signatures. Within the yes® ecosystem Namirial can address all use cases requiring creation of advanced or qualified electronic signatures, according to EU-Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS.

In the yes® ecosystem banks enable users to use their previously verified data. By signing in to their online banking account and using yes® services, bank customers can confirm their identity to remotely initiate digital signatures. In Germany yes® is available to around 35 million online banking customers (20 million customers of Savings Banks Finance Group and 15 million customers of partners in the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network).

Thanks to the collaboration between banks and Namirial within the yes® ecosystem Namirial can offer all types of electronic signatures and address even highly regulated use cases in the German market, like consumer loans or temporary employment contracts requiring qualified electronic signatures (QES) by law.

“Our existing partners and we are very happy about Namirial joining yes® and warmly welcome Namirial within our ecosystem. We highly appreciate the trustful cooperation in recent months with the experienced Namirial team. Namirial becomes an essential part of the yes® ecosystem, our solution offerings and a vital contributor within our strong partner network.” said Daniel Goldscheider, co-founder and CEO of AG. “Thanks to the outstanding cooperation with Namirial on technical, operational and legal topics on national and European level we feel very confident to see yes® flying high in 2020 and beyond.”


“Via yes® our partners and us are offering a unique user experience, enabling an easy and real-time identification for electronic signatures based on users’ bank accounts. The yes® Signing Service is an important addition to already available identification options and has the full potential to become the preferred identity and signing service for users,” adds Johannes Leser, Namirial Managing Director Germany. “We are excited about the seamless Namirial integration with yes® and are looking forward to propel many digitization initiatives in private and public sector.”


About Namirial

Namirial is a multinational provider of information technology. The provision of solutions for trusted digital transaction management is Namirial’s core business. These solutions aggregated in a unique platform include applications for identifying and authenticating users, workflows for orchestrating signatures, providing certificates for generating electronic signatures and electronic seals, procedures for long-term archiving, procedures for electronic invoices, and electronic delivery services

Namirial is certified as qualified trust service provider under EU Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS, accelerating digitization of private sector and public administration. Together with its international network of over 120 partners, Namirial is serving over one million customers worldwide.

The company was founded in 2000 in Senigallia, Italy. Today, Namirial is operating in 20 locations in five countries, employing 430 people, processing several millions of transactions every day.

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About AG AG is the company behind yes®, the innovative open banking ecosystem, already enabling more than 1,000 German banks to provide identity, signing, account information and payment initiation services to their customers. Banks benefit from delivering premium services to their customers. Customers benefit from easy to use and trustworthy services in their digital processes as relying parties integrate premium services like verified identity and qualified electronic signatures (QES).

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