Namirial is celebrating 20 years of innovation in digital trust with its Netheos identity verification solution

Montpellier, 04 July 2024 – Namirial celebrated the 20th anniversary of its identity verification solution, Netheos, with its long-standing customers on Thursday 20 June. Developed since 2004, the solution has established itself among its customers as an innovative, high-performance solution thanks to cutting-edge technologies based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Over the past two decades, Netheos has established itself as a leader in remote identity verification to guarantee the security of online subscriptions. It was a pioneer in ID document analysis, becoming in 2015 the first company in France to automatically analyse ID documents using Machine Learning. Integrated in 2021 into the trust services of Namirial, an international group with more than 900 employees, the solution developed in France has combined the development and performance of its AI technologies to improve the security and fluidity of its customers’ online journeys in France and abroad. Used with biometric data recognition, the AI trained for nearly 10 years provides rapid and reliable responses to combat identity and document fraud in online journeys. Namirial uses AI in almost all its products. It recently integrated generative AI into its eSignAnyWhere electronic signature service, making it easier to sign contracts.

Certified by ANSSI in 2023 PVID – Remote Identity Verification Provider – with its Netheos solution, Namirial is demonstrating its commitment to providing trusted solutions on the French market. Namirial continues to place innovation at the heart of its activities. It carries out almost 1.5 million secure identity checks every month and has the best availability rate on the market, approaching 100%. It is also committed to regulatory developments, in particular eIDAS 2.0. The company strives to remain at the cutting edge of current standards and directives to guarantee the compliance and robustness of its solutions.

On 20 June, Namirial’s long-standing customers, including Floa and Evollis, as well as partners, users and employees, gathered to look back on the technical and human challenges of the past 20 years. Roberto Manoforte, Chairman of Namirial France, said: “20 years ago you started this adventure, and it’s thanks to the efforts of all of you that we’ve got to where we are today: you should be proud of what you’ve achieved! Now Netheos has joined the Namirial family with new opportunities and new challenges”. This development in France is also marked by the opening at the beginning of the year of an office in Paris to be as close as possible to its banking and insurance customers. Pierre Pontier, Managing Director of Namirial France, added: “Trust. This is what binds us together: the trust of our customers, our partners and our employees. We are humbly trying to build a better world based on trust, in a human adventure that reflects who we are.

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About Namirial Group

Namirial supports its customers in their digital transformation journey by providing trusted digital transaction management solutions. Namirial’s digital trust services include solutions for customer onboarding, agreement automation, signature workflow orchestration, identification, multi-factor authentication, electronic signature, electronic registered mail, long-term archiving and electronic invoicing.

Founded in Italy in 2000, Namirial is now present in over 85 countries and employs more than 900 people. With its international network of over 170 strategic partners, Namirial serves over three million customers worldwide and processes several million transactions a day. Namirial is accredited as a qualified trust service provider under European Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS.

About Namirial in France

Namirial SAS, based in Paris and Montpellier and headed by Pierre Pontier, has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Namirial S.p.A. since 2021, as a centre of excellence in Artificial Intelligence, developing remote identity verification solutions. The Namirial Group’s portfolio is continuously adapted to the specific needs of the French market. An experienced team is dedicated to serving its growing base of customers, partners and prospects. Customers in France include Allianz Trade (Allianz), Capitole Finance (Caisse d’Epargne, BPCE Group), CDC Habitat, CNP Assurances (Caisse des Dépôts Group), Floa Bank (BNP Paribas Group), and La Banque Postale (La Poste Group).

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