Ambienta’s platform company Namirial completes the acquisition of Agenzia Trotta
  • Agenzia Trotta will strategically strengthen Namirial capabilities and positioning in digital trust services for professional customers 
  • The add-on marks the fourth acquisition on the platform since the initial investment Ambienta made in Namirial in May 2020 
  • Namirial platform is now exceeding €110 million in revenues, thanks to its strong organic growth and a successful M&A strategy

(Milan/London/Paris/Munich) – 20 September 2022 – Ambienta SGR SpA (“Ambienta”), one of Europe’s largest asset managers entirely focused on environmental sustainability, is pleased to announce that its platform company Namirial S.p.A. (“Namirial”), a leader in digital trust software and services, has completed the acquisition of Agenzia Trotta Srl (“Agenzia Trotta”), a highly specialised service provider for law firms, lawyers and accounting and tax professionals in executing administrative, procedural, financial and other telematic activities.

Agenzia Trotta, founded in 1974 and based in Milan, brings to Namirial a very well-known brand and unique expertise that will boost Namirial’s offering in the professional segments. Moreover, the add-on will provide a network of over 300 customers, including many of the top law firms active in Italy, that represents a strong base for cross selling for Namirial Group.

Agenzia Trotta represents the fourth bolt-on acquisition in the last twelve months. All the acquisitions helped achieving great results: Netheos allowed the entry into the French market and strengthened the offering of digital onboarding solutions; Evicertia contributed to expand the footprint in Spain and Latin America and its offer of certified communication products; Bit4ID further boosted the tech capabilities of the Group as well as its international presence, also in some key emerging markets. On the back of the Group’s strong organic growth – supported by a successful M&A campaign – the platform is now exceeding €110 million revenues, has more than 820 employees and offices in 18 countries.

Agenzia Trotta, as well as Namirial, records a positive environmental impact, in fact most of the activity is digitally executed by Agenzia Trotta, avoiding bulky documents printing and the need to travel to execute procedural tasks. In 2021 Namirial’s products saved 13,680 tons of paper, 88 million liters of water, 10,690 tons of oil equivalent of energy. 

Giancarlo Beraudo, Partner at Ambienta, said “Agenzia Trotta testifies Ambienta’s capabilities and focus in supporting its platforms with value-accretive acquisitions. We continue to pursue our ambition to position Namirial as a global leader in digital transaction management and digital trust services, with a strong international presence and a solid European DNA.”

Max Pellegrini, CEO of Namirial, said: “We are extremely happy to have completed the acquisition of Agenzia Trotta. The add-on fits into Namirial’s growth strategy and further strengthens our team’s capabilities in providing solutions and know-how to professionals who are rapidly replacing paper-based processes with digital trust solutions in their daily activities.”

Rosaria Trotta, shareholder of Agenzia Trotta, said: “We are very excited to join Namirial with whom we share the same values of customer obsession and work ethics. Our customers will benefit from a wider products and service offering and our employees will have the opportunity to join an ambitious project with many development opportunities.”

About Ambienta

Ambienta is a European environmental sustainability investor across private and public markets. Operating out of Milan, London, Paris, and Munich, Ambienta manages about €3 billion in assets with a focus on investing in private and public companies driven by environmental megatrends and whose products or services improve Resource Efficiency or Pollution Control. In private equity Ambienta has completed 55 investments to date and in public equity markets, Ambienta has pioneered the world’s first absolute return fund entirely focused on environmental sustainability and manages a full suite of sustainable products ranging from low risk multi asset fund to equity long only.

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About Namirial  

Namirial supports customers in their digital transformation journey by providing solutions for trusted digital transaction management. Namirial digital trust services encompass solutions for customer onboarding, agreement automation, signature workflow orchestration, identification, multi-factor authentication, electronic signature, electronic registered delivery, long-term archive and electronic invoice. 

Namirial is a qualified trust service provider under EU Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS. Together with its international network of over 120 strategic partners, Namirial is serving over one million customers worldwide, processing several millions of transactions every day. Founded in 2000 in Senigallia, Italy, Namirial is operating today out of offices in 18 countries, employing over 820 people. To learn more, visit, follow Namirial on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebookcontact Namirial to schedule a demo or claim a free trial of Namirial eSignature solution eSignAnyWhere.

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