Namirial brings Qualified Trust Service Provider resilience at the next level

(SENIGALLIA / MADRID) – May 23, 2023 – Namirial Group, a leading global Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), announces today at its Partner Campus 2023 in Madrid that it has taken its resilience capabilities to the next level with the introduction of a new disposable certificate service. Namirial’s disposable certificate service provides customers with an additional layer of security and resilience for their digital transactions. In simple terms, a disposable certificate is a one-time-use digital certificate that is generated and issued for a specific transaction, after which it cannot be used again.

This differs from traditional digital certificates, which are typically valid for a fixed period and can be used multiple times. Disposable certificates are designed to provide an added level of security by ensuring that the certificate is only valid for a single transaction, reducing the risk of it being compromised or misused. Disposable certificates are used in a variety of use cases such as Digital Onboarding, Customer and Supplier Agreement as well as Employee Onboarding.

In addition to its traditional business continuity models, which rely on a primary and secondary data center, Namirial now offers its major customers the option of a second, completely separate, Certification Authority (CA) infrastructure.

This new infrastructure is operated by personnel from Uanataca, a fully owned Namirial subsidiary and Qualified Trust Service Provider based in Spain. Should issues arise with the primary infrastructure, Namirial can instantly switch to this second infrastructure, ensuring the best possible resilience for its customers.

It’s worth noting that while the QTSP is still Namirial, the data centers, infrastructure, technology stack, and personnel operating the platform are entirely separate. This guarantees the highest levels of resilience without any contractual or integration hurdles, as the QTSP and the integration are one and the same.

“By offering disposable certificates in conjunction with its secondary CA infrastructure, Namirial can provide its customers with a highly resilient and secure digital transaction management solution”. comments Davide Coletto, Namirial Group CTO.  “In the event of any issues with the primary infrastructure, customers can quickly and seamlessly switch to the secondary infrastructure, without any interruption to their transactions”.

Starting today, businesses like banks, financial institutions, utilities and telcos that need to rely on a resilient platform due to either sheer volumes or sensitivity of transactions can preview this offering on the official website.

Namirial’s disposable certificate service is yet another example of the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the most reliable and secure digital transaction management solutions on the market.