Namirial becomes a qualified CA for issuing SSL certificates

Senigallia, May 11st, 2023 – Namirial becomes a qualified Certification Authority for issuing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates and crosses a new important milestone, thus strengthening its role as a cybersecurity solutions provider.  Thanks to this important certification, Namirial can offer its business customers reliable and high quality SSL digital certificates. 

What is an SSL certificate  

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a digital certificate used to secure online communications between a web server and a browser. It supplies the highest data protection and guarantees companies’digital identity and their websites’reliability. 

When a website is protected by an SSL certificate, data exchanged between the server and the browser is previously encrypted and safeguarded from possible hacker attacks.  Visually, the presence of an SSL certificate is indicated by the presence of a small grey padlock next to the web page address. The presence of the padlock, and therefore of an SSL certificate, ensures that the connection with that website is secure.

SSL Certificates, a constantly growing market  

SSL certificates market grows 18% annually and it is estimated to reach 10 billion dollars by 2030. This growth is due to an ever-increasing awareness of how important data security online is, whether it is personal or corporate information. Furthermore, the use of SSL digital certificates is also driven by the increasing diffusion of IoT connected devices and online financial transactions.  

Namirial’s offer to browse safely  

Thanks to the qualification obtained, Namirial can offer cutting-edge security standards and to issue SSL certificates at different levels of validation. In this way it is possible to implement customized solutions based on companies’ specific needs and websites they manage, whether it is a small e-commerce site or a primary financial services platform. Namirial SSL certificates are recognized and compatible with the main browsers and devices and they guarantee a safe browsing for users of any platform.  

Why choose Namirial SSL certificates  

SSL certificates have a limited time validity and must be periodically renewed to ensure that the website remains safe and secure. Careless management of the SSL certificates lifecycle can lead to serious IT security incidents. When a certificate expires, users receive a security alert pointing to potential phishing attacks.

To avoid these risks, Namirial offers automatic SSL certificates lifecycle management, which includes the monitoring of expiring certificates. Together with a simplified procedure for issuing and renewing certificates and the adoption of advanced security protocols, this type of management keeps each website constantly protected.  

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