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One size fits all, one size fits most, or one size fits none?

As I wrote in my previous post Enabling Digital Transformation, Digital Transaction Management is often seen as the one-size-fits-all solution to the digitalization of business transactions and to the enablement of digital transformation. We all know the story of clothing manufactures and the class action lawsuits that occurred by groups of consumer who came together on a united front to say One size does not fit me!.  One-size-fits-most was the sequel that forced you to make…

Enabling Digital Transformation

DTM – Digital Transformation Management – is one of today top three initiatives of CxOs in any industry. Their priority is on leveraging the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society to implement a profound and accelerating transformation of business processes.

Namirial hires former CEO of Intesa-Ibm to lead its “Digital Transaction Management” business unit

Senigallia, Italy – 18 December 2015. Namirial announced today it has appointed Antonio Taurisano, former CEO of Intesa SpA, a Certification Authority owned by IBM in Italy, as Director of Digital Transaction Management (DTM) to lead the Business Unit expansion into Europe. Namirial has recently announced the acquisition of xyzmo/SIGNificant Software Solution. With the combination of Namirial and the xyzmo/SIGNificant solutions, the Company can now provide an omni-channel DTM solution legally compliant throughout the European…