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Recording of “Namirial Use case Insights” – HR – Employment contracts at Trenkwalder Group

Recording of “Namirial Use case Insights” – HR – Employment contracts at Trenkwalder Group

Trenkwalder Group is a pan-European HR service provider with over 35,000 employees and 700 customers in 14 countries.  

Christopher Trenkwalder, Team Manager Backoffice Systems & Digitalization at Trenkwalder Group, was providing a project status snapshot about the integration of electronic signature in Trenkwalder processes. 

The organization has been looking into the possibilities for digital signing since 2006. It was only through the eIDAS regulation that signature procedures became possible that are widely accepted by users as well as meet the legal framework conditions in all countries in which the Trenkwalder Group is active and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape.

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged HR service providers to work as efficiently as possible more than ever before and get their processes nut just right, but digital. Now the fluctuations in personnel requirements are particularly great and often particularly urgent in many companies. Making temporary workers available to employers as quickly as possible is requiring a 100% digital and fully compliant employee onboarding processes for all stakeholders. Qualified trust services play a crucial role here.

Trenkwalder has been using JobRouter as a platform for automating its digital process workflows for several years. For the digital signing of contracts for temporary work, Trenkwalder must use qualified electronic signatures in Germany, among other places (cf. § 12 Paragraph 1 AÜG). Jobrouter has been working closely with the qualified trust service provider Namirial for electronic signing since 2018, which can also issue the appropriate certificates for these processes.