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Forrester – Now Tech: Digital Signature And Trust Services, Q1 2021

This Forrester Report*, authored by Forrester analyst Enza Iannopollo with Martin Gill, Kate Pesa, Alexis Bouffard, and Peggy Dostie, is delivering an overview of 19 providers of digital signature and trust services, selected based on their market presence and functionality.

This report is designed to help security and risk professionals and their peers to understand the value they can expect from digital signature and trust services providers.

Vendors are categorized into four segments, each with varying capabilities: Digital Trust Platforms, Digital Transformation Platforms, e-signature specialists and Public Infrastructure (PKI) specialists.

Report takeaways include:

  • Understand and assess your individual digital transformation risks, required level of identity and process assurance
  • Learn to distinguish typical vendor capabilities per category as a basis for selecting your ideal vendor
  • Identify vendors providing required functionalities in their products and services

* Forrester Report “Now Tech: Digital Signature And Trust Services, Q1 2021”, Enza Iannopollo et al., March 25, 2021