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Recording of “Namirial Use case Insights” – HR – Employment contracts at Zenjob

Practical report on the integration of procedures for the electronic signing of employment contracts and the identification of signatories required for the legally valid signing of electronic certificates.

Zenjob is one of the pioneers in the digital conclusion of contracts in the field of temporary employment. The end-to-end digitalization of processes enables temporary workers to start working for their employers as quickly as possible. Zenjob must use qualified electronic signatures for the digital signing of contracts (cf. § 12 para. 1 AÜG). Since 2019, Zenjob has been cooperating closely with the qualified trust service provider Namirial for these processes.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 fluctuations in personnel requirements are particularly great and often particularly urgent in many companies. Making temporary workers available to employers as quickly as possible is requiring a 100% digital and fully compliant employee onboarding processes for all stakeholders. Qualified trust services play a crucial role here.

Frederik Fahning, together with Jörg Lenz from Namirial, is highlighting the steps taken to integrate the electronic signature into Zenjob’s processes, as well as the continuous search and implementation of possibilities for further simplifications for users in their identification while meeting regulatory requirements.

Recording of the presentation including Q&A at Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne 2022

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